The city of Annabella and its surrounding areas are collectively known by locals as the town of  Westhaven. In actuality, this so called “town” is a vast area, consisting of over 200 square miles of fertile farmland and rolling hills, and is more akin to a small kingdom than a single city or town.

The entire area is protected by a great stone wall known by locals as “The Edge of the World.”  Standing between eight and ten feet tall and stretching over 55 miles, the wall forms a rough ‘u’ shape with the open ends starting at the coast about 8 miles apart and extending nearly 20 miles inland. While city officials claim that wall was built entirely for the purpose of defending the Westhaven settlement, most locals know that large sections of the wall predate any known new world arrival. Who or what built those sections of the wall, as well as where they may have gone, remains a mystery.

Newcomers to Westhaven from across the sea, filled with stories of a small settlement alone in the wild, often mistake the coastal village of Bree as the primary settlement upon first arrival, but with a population of less than 500, Bree is nothing more than a fishing outpost.

The city of Annabella itself sits about twelve miles inland from the coast, surrounded by its own set of fortifications. Built around the base of a large hill, the city was meant to completely surround the keep known as “Bell Castle.” Unfortunately, the city plan was never completed and good third of the land within the city’s twenty foot high walls remains undeveloped.

Life in Westhaven is far better than stories in the old world would have one believe. Though it never lived up to its lofty design and expectations, the city of Annabella is a modern marvel and meticulously maintained. Once plans for the city were produced, the most highly skilled artisans and workers were sent by the King to ensure that the city was grand enough to bear his daughter’s name. When the war called most of the King’s resources back, most of the artisans departed as well, but some remained. Those leaving had already imparted much of their knowledge into local apprentices. Westhaven found itself with a level of artisan skill unheard of for its small population, and all manner of goods and services of the highest caliber are available for the right price.

All land within the confines of the outer wall is heavily patrolled by the King’s men – trained soldiers tasked with keeping Westhaven safe at all costs who, by all accounts, are succeeding. While farms and settlers who live close to the “Edge of the World” sometimes report goblin sightings or problems with wildlife, such incidents are infrequent and there is little adventure to be had until one leaves Westhaven for the wilds.