When Dogan, the owner of The Hob & Goblin, was a boy he wanted nothing more than to be an adventurer. In fact, if you get him drunk enough, Dogan will recall that one of his fondest memories as a child was sitting in the rafters of the old Wyvern’s Nest pub, listening to
different adventurers describe the fantastic creatures they encountered, warn each other of potential dangers, and brag about their conquests.

It didn’t take long until a few adventurers, while trying to describe an area of the wilds, scratched out a simple map on the top of one of the tables to help (an X here, a line here). Over time others started adding bits, cleaning it up, and before long it had grown from some scratches to a detailed map carved into most of the surface of the table showing forests, creeks, caves, ominous warnings, etc.

That table was destroyed when the Wyvern’s Nest burnt to the ground in one of the religious riots years back, but Dogan never forgot it. When he heard that the call for new adventurers had been made, Dogan took the largest table he had and carved Annabella and the surrounding areas in the hopes that a new group of adventures would fill in the rest.

Game map as of Sept 5:

Map 1, Northwest
Map 2, Central West
Map 3, Central East
Map 4, Southwest
Map 5, Southeast