While Westhaven boasts more than one Inn & Tavern, none are more hospitable to adventurers than the Hob & Goblin. Run by a man in his mid-fifties named Dogan, the Hob & Goblin is notable because it actually has a goblin in its employ! How Dogan and the goblin known as ‘Buddy’ came to be associates is something of local a mystery, but Dogan, who has a notable limp on his left side, could not run the inn without Buddy’s considerable contribution.

When Dogan first caught word that adventurers were being called to Annabella, he took a dagger and began carving something into the top of one of the tavern’s tables. When patrons of the tavern approached to see what Dogan had written, he thrust the dagger into a wall beside the table and declared that going forward, only adventurers were welcome to sit at that table.

While the law officially prohibits anyone but the King’s Men from placing bounties, it has become well known that the Hob & Goblin will pay adventurers 2 sp for a goblin ear. Rumor has it that additional payment will be made if proof is provided that the slain goblins belong to the ‘Red Arrow’ clan, though how one might identify red arrow goblins is not specified.