This Game Is Easy If All You Roll Are 20s

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Having fully organized the Assessor’s Office and found a map of the surrounding area that I’ve used to correct errors on me own map, Elios was fit and ready for another adventure into Dragon’s Delve.
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ju rbund wer liip du ere djik ruun

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Itching for further discovering of arcane secrets at Dragon’s Delve, Elios bugged me to lead another expedition to the halls beneath the ruins of Chordille Keep.  Wisely, I took the Doc as well and convinced Drom Fragula and Xanytha to tag along.  I was eager to promote them from recruit status to full-fledged members of the Band of Blades.  Today they would earn their tabards.
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Always Fear the Red Carpet

Adventure Log by Oathbreaker 2 Comments »

We all went back down to the dungeon to see what was roaming the rest of the corridors.  At the end of the goddess’s room we found an impassible door.  No amount of brute force would budge it; our weapons bounced off of the surface without leaving a mark, and there was not lock or keyhole to pick.  Elios and Doc were exceptionally impressed by the door and started talking to it in tongues.  I do not speak the Language of Door and therefore could not interpret their babblings.
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