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Itching for further discovering of arcane secrets at Dragon’s Delve, Elios bugged me to lead another expedition to the halls beneath the ruins of Chordille Keep.  Wisely, I took the Doc as well and convinced Drom Fragula and Xanytha to tag along.  I was eager to promote them from recruit status to full-fledged members of the Band of Blades.  Today they would earn their tabards.
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If I Kill It, Will It Die?

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On the road we ran into an ambush from some hobgoblins and bugbears. Doc tripped one with his whip as the rest of the mounted crew cut it into bits.  We all surrounded the bugbear leader who surrendered with an offer of parlay.  That was a word with one too many syllables for Gallstaf to comprehend.  He hacked off the poor bugbear head.  A small wasp emerged from a bush behind us as a missile of magical energy darted forth from the stinger on its tail.  It struck Gallstaf.  We answered that shot with a volley of arrows to drop the tiny creature.
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“If someone betrays you, they should always wake expecting your blade”
Leliana an Orlesian bard
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