The Hunt for Boros, Part I

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Boros has been active lately. After fighting him and his goblin minions head-on and dealing a heavy blow to his elite forces a month ago, last week we got word that an arms shipment had gone missing on the north road. Not one to sit idle while a threat to our city strengthens itself, the Band of Blades went to investigate.
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Yippie Dippie and Trippie

Adventure Log by Arpunia No Comments »

Meatwad, Skandale, and I left the city through the north east gate toward Durgram’s Folly to investigate the site of an ambush against the city guard. We suspect Boros was the cause but needed some more proof. Skandale demanded that we stay off of the road so as to not fall into another trap. He and Meat spent much of the journey with one eye closed and the other in a spyglass. Good for finding trees and small furry creatures in the distance, they seemed to loose sight of the sun’ arc. If not for my guidance these two would have headed off toward the coast and lost the road.
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A Mouthful of Dog Hairs

Adventure Log by Oathbreaker No Comments »

Our adventure this day set us on the path that runs through Durgram’s Folly.  We had a couple of new adventurers join us this day.  Bo is a crazy barbarian obsessed with lighting things on fire.  Aiden is a slick talking weapon master.  A few hours out of town we found the keep that houses the armed guards that watch over this road.  They are doing a good job because we traveled for hours without encountering anything hostile.  Our new cartographer, Ox, marked the location on our map as we headed into the rolling hills in search of goblin ears.
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