A Mouthful of Dog Hairs

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Our adventure this day set us on the path that runs through Durgram’s Folly.  We had a couple of new adventurers join us this day.  Bo is a crazy barbarian obsessed with lighting things on fire.  Aiden is a slick talking weapon master.  A few hours out of town we found the keep that houses the armed guards that watch over this road.  They are doing a good job because we traveled for hours without encountering anything hostile.  Our new cartographer, Ox, marked the location on our map as we headed into the rolling hills in search of goblin ears.
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Soddy Construction

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We left the confines of the city from the south east gates in search of Goblins, or more precisely their ears.  The surly owners of the Hob & Goblin are paying a pricey 2 silver per ear.  No one in town knows where to find goblins so we expected some easy money.  The road leading away from the gate was overgrown with plains grasses and wild shrubs.  We could have made better time but one member of our group, Ox is a short-legged grumpy dwarf who did not own a horse.  So we moved at his stubby two-legged pace.  Ham, a super fast Harrier, seemed to get quickly bored with the slow pace of our travels.  The rest of our group consisted of Orin, who dressed like a runt from the slums but fancied himself a cartographer and wielded a long scythe.  We also had Krix Skandale a slow talking sharpshooter.  John Smith was a great help for our wounded and, despite his slight frame, is pretty crafty in a fight.  Signore rounded out the party.  This one is a bit kooky, always talking about the power and soul of the natural wilderness but jumping into battle with a crazy ferocity I have rarely seen.  I quickly decided that it would be best for me to keep on the good side of these folks.
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