Signore’s View

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I should not be here.
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Arpunia’s Dream

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While we have been out in the fields trying to tame this landscape, the town is collapsing in on itself.  The infrastructure is not in place to deal with the sudden increase in population.  Basic necessities like food, fine wine, a hot bath, and polish to shine your armor are hard to come by.  But potential new recruits for the band are not.  As the boys and Addy headed down into the Delve, I stayed back in town to look over these new recruits.
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‘Nuff Said

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Have boom, will travel

Some Interesting Correspondence

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Captain Ox Dunnbuldanngen
Band of Blades
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In the Event of Me Death

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If you are reading this it is because I have met an untimely death. This event, while unfortunate, is one I have anticipated nonetheless. I am sure the end of my life was a violent affair. I never relished the nature of my profession; rather, I accepted it for what it was. Taming these lands in the service of the city and its people instilled in me a happiness and a purpose I had never known. I hope that I died protecting Westhaven from the evils that surround it, in the company of me mates and with a battle cry in me throat.
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Thoughts From a Dwarf III: Some Notes on Dragon’s Delve and the State of Magic in the World

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The more we explore Dragon’s Delve, the more me mates and I realize that it’s just one never-ending puzzle.

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Boros is Dead

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The Band of Blades has been tracking the progress and location of Boros Ninefingers and his goblinoid troops for the better part of the last year.  This spring, as the snow thawed, we left Westhaven to seek him out one last time.
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White Plume Mountain, Chapter 1: “This Place is Cursed.”

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About four months ago, we set off on the epic journey to White Plume Mountain in search of the three weapons of legacy: Black Razor, Tide, and Whelm. A noble from the old world had consulted with the leader of the Band of Blades, which in this case was Captain Ox. He spoke of a thief that stole Tide from his family and deposited it inside a mountain known for its constant plume of white smoke coming from its top. He promised a wealthy sum of 30,000 gold for the retrieval of this weapon. Hearing this, Drom, Elios, Ox, Alex, Doc, Xan, and I geared up and began the Quest.
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Thoughts From a Dwarf II

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I was not prepared for the changing of the seasons.
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Preparing to Defeat Boros

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The time is drawing near when we must defeat Boros.

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