Wanted – Darus the Dark

Reward: 1,000 gp (Dead), 1,500 gp (Alive)
Description: About 6′, well built, curly red hair
Darus came to Westhaven to try and avoid hanging for numerous crimes in the old world. He lived in Bree as a fisherman for about six months before word reached the authorities that he was to be arrested and sent back on the first available ship. When confronted, Darus killed two of the King’s men and then crippled a villager by running her over with a wagon during his escape.

Adventure Log for this quest can be found here.

A promising young cleric by the name of Suto has vanished. All of his belongings appear to be untouched in his room, and no evidence of foul play has been discovered by the King’s men, but two soldiers familiar with Suto swear they saw him outside the perimeter wall on the road north of the city, while guarding a caravan of goods headed toward the lighthouse. When they attempted to approach him he apparently vanished into thin air.

The head of Suto’s order believes evil is afoot, and is willing to pay 100 gp for reliable information on Suto’s location, or 350 gp for his safe return.

Adventure Log for this quest can be found here.

Follow the map provided by Drom and travel to the rumored “Clockwork Cave” and discover the secrets within.

No Adventure log was written for this adventure – it is certain to be forgotten in time.

Adventurers Wanted!

Investigations into the recent deaths of workers in the sewers below the city have resulted in the disappearance of a detective as well as two of the King’s men sent to protect him. A sum of 1,000 gp will be paid to any registered adventurer willing to enter the sewers, find the missing individuals, and determine the source of these mysterious deaths and disappearances.

Adventure Log for this quest can be found here.

Wanted – Boros Ninefingers

Reward: 500 gp 10,000 gp
Description: Under 6′, dark hair, missing thumb on left hand
Boros was training to become one of the King’s Men when, one day during firearm practice, he accidentally discharged his weapon and blew off the thumb of his left hand. When the priests at the holy cathedral informed him that they did not possess magic capable of restoring his finger and that he would most likely not be able to continue life as a soldier, Boros flew into a rage.

Knocking the head priest unconscious and stealing his keys, Boros took all of the church’s remaining healing potions and a number of valuable religious relics and fled into the night.

Boros is wanted alive.

Information from the adventuring group known as the “Band of Blades” as well as independent investigations by the King’s Men has confirmed that Boros is attempting to unite goblinoid tribes and establish himself as a warlord. Boros is considered extremely dangerous and is wanted dead or alive.

Adventure Log for this quest can be found here.