What’s This, Another Landmass?

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Last Friday, only four brave adventurers stayed to confront the dangers lurking within the Unknown Temple. Fortunately, all four made it out alive. Perhaps one of them will see fit to put quill to parchment so others can read of their experience.
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Hob & Goblin Looking for New Wait Staff

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It’s hard to find good help these days. Maybe they’re starry-eyed at the local celebrities who frequent the bar. Maybe they have visions of grandeur. Maybe they just need their vision checked. At least a couple times a day, one of the barkeeps stumbles into a patron, spilling ale on them. Or, they tap a cask at the wrong angle making it leak empty overnight.

The recently-upgraded crockery is no longer in use, and you’re back to the standard tin mugs and hammered plates. It’s a shame, too. With the recent uptrend in traffic, things are looking pretty good for the adventurer-friendly proprietor. If they don’t lose all their profits to breakage, or scare away all their new customers, that is.

In any event, things are a little tense at The Hob, and it’s hard to get good service.

Magical Sigil Found in the Delve! (Not by the Band of Blades…)

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A competing adventurer has been crowing lately about a strange but powerful marking he found “left behind by the band of snobs in the horse room” of the Delve. He took a quick rubbing of the thing to bring back to town and figured out that if etched onto a weapon, you can activate it and “pierce kobolds like warm butter.”

There is one weaponsmith in town willing to do the etching, for 25 gold.


Hero/Dungeon Points

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Expanded info on Hero/Dungeon Points.  Monte Cook has a blog post all about Hero Points, from which I stole the idea here.  I won’t post the entire article, for obvious reasons, but here is the relevant piece I want to share:
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Dragon’s Delve Player Intro

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Maybe you’ve heard of the place from some adventurers, speaking of it in hushed tones. Perhaps it was a subtle gap in the map carved into the Hob and Goblin table. Maybe you were there when it was recently re-discovered. However you found out about it, Dragon’s Delve now occupies a place in your dreams.
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Berserker Changes

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Keith and Tristan both mentioned that the Berserker DR progression seemed weak, and it turns out they were right. There was definitely an error on the Berserker class table which listed their DR lower than intended.

The table has been updated, so if you’re playing a Berserker, be sure to check and ensure you’re using the right value.