Prologue: Of Lords and Fish

Character Background by Arxaggus 1 Comment »

When I was a lad, me Ma liked to tell me that our family was once nobility.  I couldn’t get enough of her stories.  She was so good at telling them…
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The Tale of Ham

Character Background by Stabby Mc. Stabberson No Comments »

As long as I could remember, I was in the Black Flame, a group of assassins and specialists. I was apparently once part of a wealthy family until they were murdered. Alone, I had wandered the city streets learning where to find food, where to hide, and how to spy on government officials. I gave out this information secretly to enemies of the king; for a handsome price of course. After thirteen years of business, I boarded a boat on the way to Westhaven. The ship was attacked by a small armed canoe and after killing everyone else they decided to spare me.
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Prologue: Changing of the Guard

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It used to be just one of many taverns in Westhaven.  Then Krix Skandale heard
the princess’s pronouncement to re-institute adventuring.  After badgering the
owner of the “Hob & Goblin” for some space, Skandale set up shop in a
small room at the back of the bar, to trade adventuring gear and stories.
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Prologue: Oathbreaker Leaving Home

Character Background by Oathbreaker No Comments »

The door to my father’s room was open but I stood at the threshold and waited to be called in.  His head was resting on a long green silk pillow wet from a mixture of his fever sweats and the damp cloth that the doctor held against his brow.  My father always looked small and weak to me but seeing him that day for the first time in seven months I could only describe him as helpless.  It did not quell my desires to punch him in this throat.
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