The city courthouse and administrative offices for the King’s men are all handled out of a small building just inside the northwestern castle gate. Anyone wishing to leave the city limits must register with the courthouse as an adventurer and pay a fee of 5 silver pieces for a gate pass. Each gate pass is only valid for one individual, one time.

Although those without gate passes are not allowed beyond the outer wall, it does not stop outlaws who are facing harsh penalties for their crimes, from occasionally escaping into the wilds. In most circumstances, little action is taken to apprehend such criminals as survival in the harsh wilderness (if possible) is usually punishment enough. In the few instances where it has been necessary to pursue such criminals, losses to the King’s men have been high, and not all the wanted individuals have been apprehended. Rather than risk further losses, the decision has been made to offer bounties on the few outstanding criminals to registered adventurers.

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