The city assessor handles all property leases, land grants, as well as most major financial transactions in Westhaven. Anything of consequence to Westhaven since it’s founding has a good chance of being documented here in some form or another.

If you would like to lease property in town, convert coins into gems or goods, or if you have official inquires regarding city history, post comments below.

The city assessor will pay any registered adventurer the sum of 30 gold pieces for an accurate map of uncharted areas that lie outside the perimeter wall.

To qualify for payment, a map must detail at least 20 miles of land and include proper cartographer’s notation (requiring a Profession – Cartographer check of 12 or higher). If multiple maps are submitted for the same geographical area, the submitter of the more detailed map will be paid the full sum and a second submission will be paid 10 gold pieces and used for independent verification of the first.