Arguably the greatest technological mind alive, Hagen Zin (the designer of Bell Castle), calls Westhaven home. Because of Zin’s fame, many adventurers expect all manner of truly incredible war machines to be available for purchase, but unfortunately for them, Zin has been consumed with a private project for years, and is rarely seen in public.

The artificer’s shop in town is run by Zin’s son, Meriado, and his dwarven assistant, Drom. Though he does not possess a once in a generation genius like his father, Meriado, called “Merry” by most the townfolk, is a gifted artificer who’s build quality is unrivaled. Items listed on the table below are available for purchase to all characters in good standing with the King’s men. From time to time, special or unique items of limited availability may appear here for sale as well.

To purchase an item with limited availability, negotiate a price, or request a custom creation, post a comment below.

Regularly Available Items
Goods Cost Weight
Ammunition (20) 3 gp 2 lbs.
Bayonet 15 gp 1 lbs.
Blunderbuss 1,000 gp 8 lbs.
Blunderbuss pistol 750 gp 5 lbs.
Dwarven Scope 3,500 gp 1 lb.
Grenade 250 gp 1 lb.
Musket 875 gp 10 lbs.
Pistol 500 gp 3 lbs.
Pulley Bow Varies 4 lbs.

New Rules

The items available above introduce a couple of new rules specific to firearms. First, a new identifying weapon descriptor is introduced (for more information on weapon descriptors, see Chapter Seven: Equipment).
Projectile (Firearm): This weapon is a muzzle loading, smooth bore gun which uses a wheellock mechanism, combined with black powder, as a firing mechanism. All firearm weapons are considered exotic but, unlike other exotic weapons, proficiency in all firearms can be attained by taking a single feat – Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms). Additionally, all firearm weapons share the following properties.

  • All firearm weapons are inherently inaccurate and suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls.
  • Using a firearm weapon you are not proficient in does not impose a -4 proficiency penalty.
  • Reloading a firearm weapon takes two full-round actions, and cannot be done by someone who is not proficient in its use. Characters with the Rapid Reload feat reduce this time to one full-round action.
  • All firearm weapons have the potential to misfire.
  • All firearm weapons use the exploding dice mechanic.

Exploding Dice: Whenever you deal damage with a firearm and roll maximum on any damage die, reroll that die and add that roll to the total as well. If you roll maximum on rerolls, continue to reroll, adding to the damage each time.

Misfire: Whenever you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll made with a firearm, your firearm might misfire. Do not draw a card from the critical fumble deck, instead immediately roll 1d20. On a 1, the firearm is rendered unusable as the powder explodes out the breech, dealing the weapon’s damage to you; on a 2–7, the firearm misfires, is jammed, and gains the broken condition; on a 8–15, the firearm misfires and is fouled; and on a 15–20, no misfire occurs, draw a card from the critical fumble deck as usual.

A jammed weapon requires a craft check (DC 30) to clear and align the wheellock firing mechanism. A fouled firearm requires 2 full rounds to clear before it can be reloaded.

New Weapon Descriptions

Weapon Damage Critical Range Descriptors
One-Handed Ranged Weapons
Blunderbuss pistol* 2d8 19-20/x1 5 ft. Projectile (ready-loading, firearm); bludgeoning and piercing
Pistol 2d6 x2 50 ft. Projectile (ready-loading, firearm); bludgeoning and piercing
Two-Handed Ranged Weapons
Blunderbuss* 3d8 19-20/x1 15 ft. Projectile (ready-loading, firearm); bludgeoning and piercing
Musket 2d6 x2 150 ft. Projectile (ready-loading, firearm); bludgeoning and piercing
Grenade 2d8 x1 10 ft. Thrown; bludgeoning and piercing


Round lead bullets are sold in bags of 20, weighing 2 pounds, for 5 gp. As guns of this era are often not in standard calibers, shot obtained from a source other than the gun manufacturer normally requires modification by the gun owner before use. Many gun owners will simply cast their own shot using the Craft skill.


A bayonet is a blade designed to fit underneath the muzzle of a two-handed firearm barrel. A two-handed firearm affixed with a bayonet may be used as a spear in melee.


This is a heavy musket with a bell-shaped barrel, also referred to as a musketoon. While potentially
devastating up close, it becomes quickly ineffectual against human-sized targets at a distance. A blunderbuss does not suffer a -2 penalty to hit per range increment. Instead, a blunderbuss’ damage suffers a -2 penalty per range increment beyond the first.

A blunderbuss may not be affixed with a bayonet but may be used as a club in melee, and has a hardness of 10, with 20 hit points.

Blunderbuss Pistol

Also known as a dragon, this is a large pistol with a bell-shaped barrel. A blunderbuss pistol does not suffer a -2 penalty to hit per range increment. Instead, a blunderbuss pistol’s damage suffers a -2 penalty per range increment beyond the first.

A blunderbuss pistol may be used as a sap in melee and has a hardness of 10, with 10 hit points.

Dwarven Scope

Essentially a modified spyglass, a Dwarven scope can be attached to a musket or crossbow (except hand crossbows). When calibrated properly, the sight allows the user to focus more carefully on a target at a distance. When wielding a weapon with a Dwarven Scope, you may treat targets as if they were one range increment closer than they actually are.


Using a full-round action, you can light and throw a grenade as a splash weapon if you have two hands free. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. A direct hit deals 2d8 points of damage. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the grenade hits takes 2d6 point of fire damage from the splash.

If two or more characters spend full-round actions, one to light multiple grenades and the others to throw them, up to 12 grenades can be thrown in a round, though no individual thrower may exceed their regular number of attacks. Throwing a grenade that is already lit only requires one hand, and additional grenades can be thrown from each hand with the normal penalties for two weapon fighting.

Grenades that are lit, but not thrown, detonate at the end of the round.


A single shot, long barreled weapon also known as an arquebus or a cavalier. A Musket may be affixed with bayonet, or used as a club in melee and has a hardness of 10, with 20 hit points.


A single shot, one-handed weapon that is relatively easy to conceal. You gain a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a pistol.

A pistol may be used as a sap in melee and has a hardness of 10, with 10 hit points.

Pulley Bow

This bow has a series of cords and pulley’s designed to add force to the shot without making the bow more difficult to draw. A pulley bow has an effective strength modifier, and applies its strength bonus to damage in place of its wielder’s strength modifier. For purposes of weapon proficiency and similar feats, treat a pulley bow as if it were a regular bow of it’s type.

Pulley Longbows
Strength Modifier Cost
+1 1,500 gp
+2 2,500 gp
+3 3,500 gp
+4 4,500 gp
+5 6,000 gp
Pulley Shortbows
Strength Modifier Cost
+1 1,250 gp
+2 2,250 gp
+3 3,250 gp
+4 4,250 gp
+5 5,500 gp