When a “new world” was discovered thousands of miles across the Eastern Sea, a contest to settle that land and claim its riches ensued among the old world empires. While many ships landed and numerous outposts were built, the new world proved to be far more dangerous than most anticipated – all but one settlement was eventually wiped out.

Founded just over a century ago, Westhaven was the only settlement to survive the Settler’s Wars. The largest town of the settlement, Brindenford, was officially rechristened  “Annabella”  in honor of the King’s newborn daughter, and was to become the capital city of a new empire. Countless resources were spent in Annabella’s initial planning and construction – high stone walls for protection, wide cobblestone streets, and modern buildings furnished with the finest goods and services money could buy.

Unfortunately, despite the city’s grandeur, the land surrounding Annabella remained a mysterious and dangerous place. Attempts to tame the wilderness outside the settlement walls consistently met with disaster, and the cost of maintaining the settlement soared. The King was late in recognizing that the financial difficulties he faced in the new world had left him weak at home, and soon enough war erupted. Troops and resources from Annabella were called back to their homeland, leaving barely enough men to protect the city itself.

Years passed, the war in the old world was eventually won, and The King, killed by disease contracted while campaigning in the field, was succeeded by his eldest son. Having just seen his inheritance nearly wiped out by his father’s expansion in Westhaven, the new King chose to reinforce his position at home, rather then attempt to expand his empire to far off lands. Fearing that his young sister, who had always been the favored child, might attempt to usurp his power the new King tasked her and her supporters with completing their father’s vision of expansion, effectively banishing her and her influence. Or so he thought.

Princess Anabella