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The adventurers returned to town and bargained their way onto a Lizardfolk ship in a gladiatorial fight of strength.  Succor won the contest in a bloody show by ripping out the eyeball from one of the Lizardfolk fighters.  They met the captain, an old Lizardfolk of few words.  Also on the ship were four other passengers;  A Scribe chronicling the adventures of Capt Lizzy,  An Old-World Exile waiting a free port to disembark,  A Fugitive who helps where he can and also wants more wine, and an Explorer waiting for warmer climates.  The captain asked the adventurers to take on two of his more troublesome crew members; a strange arcanist and an archer.  Then they set sail for Bigfoot Island…

Crabby Patties

After narrowly missing an iceberg, the pirate ship was beset by a swarm of large crabs and one Colossal Shipbreaker Crab.  Cpt Lizz jumped in the water to flank the colossal crab while the heroes dodged its massive claws.  The crabs tore through the lizard folk and prevented them from arming their ballistae.  Capt Lizzy ended the fight by slicing though the colossal crab’s carapace with his +4 Great Axe of Mighty Cleaving.

Fly by Night

Some Glacial dragonflies that approached the ship were of no interest to the adventures, the lizardfolk shot them down and scavenged their shimmering skin and hope to sell them for 1,500 GP in the market.

Jellyfish from Space

The ship was approached by amorphous creatures that looked like fleshy, iridescent dirigibles, with no visible features save for a few tentacles dangling down in a line.  At the mention of the work “attack” they struck one the party members.  The crew remained calm and did not retaliate.  The strange creatures followed the ship for a couple fo hours then floated off into the night.

The Ormen Kote

The crew found two Viking long boats tied together, one had a broken mast.  This ships smell of decay and the sea.  About twenty dead bodies laid about the two ships.  When the captain approached within 15’ the Ormen Kote will grappled it with its 6 grappling hooks.  Thorfinn Karlsef (Undead Draugr Captain Berserker) rose and used his alterself ability to increase his size to large.  The dead bodies were the Captain’s crew.  They got up and jumped into the sea.  As the adventurers maneuvered to attack the undead pirate things, the Ormen Kote (Colossal Animated Object) came alive and used its mast to make bulrush attempts (provoking AOOs) to knock the heroes into the sea where the undead crew had an the advantage.

These foul beings are usually created when humanoid creatures are lost at sea in regions haunted by evil spirits or necromantic effects. The corpses of these drowned sailors cling fiercely to unlife, attacking any living creatures that intrude upon them. Their attacks smear rancid flesh, rotting seaweed, and swaths of vermin on whatever they hit.  Sometimes they manifest when an entire ship sinks, these undead usually stay with the wreck of their ship. Some may be found under the control of aquatic Draugr, while others may wander the seas as undead pirates aboard ghost ships.

The battle raged on for a while as the heroes were swatted into the sea and forced to fight the rotting corpses.  The fight turned in their favor once the Lizardfolk and adventurers started tossing alchemical fire onto the animated ship.  As it pulled away, the ship made one last attack and knocked Ulfric unconscious and bleeding out into the cold ocean waves.  Despite several attempts to stop the bleeding, the heroes were unable to keep the brave warrior from passing onto Valhalla.

He died in the arms of his friend Alfric while floating in the ocean.

Top Gun. Parmount, 1986.

Meanwhile Back in Moon Town:

The dwarves interrogate the blue dwarf in town.  The offer to do so for free is not met with much support but Astrid is able to convince the guards to give you some time alone with him.

An ancient abandoned fortress is now inhabited by an arctic Sea Dwarf Clan.  In these icy waters, dwarves are the masters of both ice and stone. They have not rebuilt any of the fortress on the surface as all of their attention is focused on reopening the collapsed underground caves.  The clan built defenses out of ice and rock. Underwater they built a massive structure to seal off the cavern of a Brine Serpent.  The area is close to undersea thermal vents that produce mineral-rich waters and attract all sorts of deep sea fish and predators.

Geggan the dwarf was a worker for the clan.  He staged a collapse in the underwater caves and made his escape by swimming ten miles across the ocean.  He claims that about ten years ago his fellow clan mates began going mad and turning against each other.  At first it was just infighting and arguments but it quickly escalated into an all-out civil war.  He estimates that over 80% of the clan was killed in years that followed.  Some were murdered in the most sadistic ways as part of horrifying rituals.  When the fighting subsided, the clan leaders moved the survivors to the site of the ancient fortress called Little Hope Outpost and forced them to start clearing out the collapsed tunnels.  Although the bloodshed had stopped, the whole event seemed to have changed the dwarves in some fundamental way.  Geggan describes the situation as follows,

“Foremen are cruel and selfish, the leaders rule like tyrants, the mess halls are silent, and the drinking horns all run dry.  There is no evil thing outside in this world that is greater than the evil acts done by MY BROTHERS AGAINST THEIR OWN FAMILY!”

 Geggan slams his fists on the table in rare emotional outburst.  It takes him a minute to compose himself.  When he speaks again it is almost in a whisper,

“My clan is truly lost.  We are bodies but no spirit.  All that we stood for is gone.  We have become the things we fought so hard to destroy.  Centuries of culture lost in a moment almost too fast for a human to notice.”

Geggan hesitates before asking for help because he knows it will mean the ultimate end of his clan.  He knows that the clan needs to stop.  Whatever drove them to madness is driving them to dig out these icy caves.  They must be stopped.  Geggan asks for two things; This first is to hunt down and kill the white bearded foreman named Jholill who murdered his wife and the second is to bring back a rose-shaped brooch that he hid in one of the lockers of the fortress.  It is a mitral rose suspended from two links of a golden chain.

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