Viking: Trouble of the Moon

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After the immediate crazyness in the castle, Astrid was detained by the castle guards but not for the reasons you may expect.  Most of the high ranking military captains and several of the council members were meeting to discuss city defenses.  Shortly after the witch flew out of the city, it was discovered that all of these officials are dead.  The guards rushed Astrid to a windowless room in the castle.  There she was greeted by the high ranking guards she just befriended.  They explain the situation then say, “The Jarl is gone, his son is murdered, our captains are murdered, and a Tyr-damned witch just flew out of the Loki-fucking castle.  Astrid.  You are the only friend we have left.  You have seen these things before.  What do we do now?”

Kanut, Grimmace, Tusk and Tully ran out of the city to chase that witch.  Everyone who was left behind tried to be sensible by organizing the party to go out as a group.  Too late you realized what had happened.  The next day dawned and the party members were stuck in the Silver Hand Inn.  The gates of the town were shut down and no one was allowed passage in or out.  A horde of zombies emerged from the hills and walked toward the gates

Not all hope is lost, for there is a sizable army of Elite soldiers in the fields around the city.  The remaining captains (who just happened to be stationed out of the city to support this army) acted quickly, mobilized their troops and cut down the 40 or so zombies over the next couple of days.

A week’s time goes by.  Trunk, Tully, Grimace, and Kanut return as the city gates are being reopened.  And local news starts spreading into the city. Notable stories:

A massive three-masted ship sits in the deep port near the Moon Town.  If not for the stone castle, this would be the highest structure in the area.  The moon clan may get one or two large ships visiting in a year.  The fish clan may see one in a 5-7 year span.  None of those ships are nearly as impressive as this one.  But that is not what has the townsfolk buzzing; it is the crew of that ship.  This ship has a crew of over 200 and all of them are Lizardfolk, even the captain.

Some fishermen are coming in from their last catch of the season.  They saw some activity on the grounds of an ancient abandoned fortress called the Last Hope Outpost.  The outpost sits on the cliff side of an island to the north-east.

A blue-skinned dwarf swam up the river toward town from the sea and was apprehended by the harbormaster.  He was turned over to the guards who are asking for a dwarf to help interrogate the subject.  The guards are offering to pay 20gp for help.  He does not seem hostile but he has not given the authorities the answers that they want to hear.

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