Eulogy for Elios

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There is much legend surrounding the exploits for the Band of Blades, some of it is true, some is hyperbole.  For me, the Band of Blades greatest accomplishments will never be the battles we fought, it will always be in the friendships we formed.

I never knew my grandparents and I lost my father at a very young age. I always imagined what my grandpa was like; a brave old man with a face chiseled by the trials of living and wrinkled from a million smiles. Someone who loved me enough to tell me when I was doing something wrong. I thought that I would never meet this man, until I joined the Band of Blades and was introduced to Elios.

He did not look like the stereotypical adventurer, but put him in front of some ancient puzzle and you would see the spark of youthful exuberance in his glassy eyes.  Put a short sword in his hand and Elios was quick as a cat on the battlefield.  The chaos of battle was like a calculated chess match to him; moving pieces around to create opportunities and ensure victory.

In his youth, he was considered by most to be too weak to stand up to the rigors of life in the wilds.  No adventuring party would take on what they perceived as the burden of watching after this frail kid.  And so Elios pursued adventure in the scrolls, tomes, and dust of libraries in the old world.  It was a comfortable life and 30 or so years slipped away.

The open invitation to adventurers in the new world is all that Elios needed to rekindle the desires of his youth. Like so many groups before us, the Band of Blades made a home in the din of the Hob & Gob.  The group has just stumbled upon the entrance to a dungeon and was looking for new volunteers there were not afraid of the dark.  Elios instantly recognized the potential knowledge that could be found in this ancient structure, and join the band without hesitation.  That dungeon is, of course, the Dragon’s Delve.

It seems like every great performer needs a foil, someone that disrupts him at the most inopportune time, challenges his his beliefs, and forces him to be better. For Elios this man was Doc.  The arguments that these two had in the thick of battle were hotter than a breath of flame from a great red wyrm.  Doc was a pacifist and Elios had a frail old body.  They are the most unlikely pair of adventurers to become expert explorers in the Delve.  Their obsession for knowledge and uncovering ancient secrets fueled their courage.  I think the real reason Elios retired from adventuring was because we lost his friend, Doc.

But even in retirement, Elios would stay busy.  Most know of his work at the university.  He was a founding member that was key in establishing its reputation as one the world’s best destinations for those starting their ventures into the wilds.  His endowment with the university will ensure that men and women of future generations will get a free education and earn a chance to make something with their lives and really change their future for the better.


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