Cry “Havoc” and let slip the Dogs of War.

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Prof E,

I hope my letter finds you in good health and spirits. This dry summer should ease the pains in those creaky bones of yours. Krix says hi.  He might have said more but that is all I could hear.

We received a few stowaways in our last shipment. You would not happen to know about them? A goblin, some half-Orcs, a high elf, one rather thick man, and pack of dogs with thier trainer.  They spoke very highly of you.

They all claimed to me academy trained but their manners were something quite less than civilized. In less than a day in town they managed to instigate a bar fight that cost some poor sod his life, piss off the argentine blades, and convice Krix to surrender a load of pistols.

At first, I could hardly understand why you would take an interest in such a motley crew of wild kids but then they showed us their so called “Dragon’s Map”.  I knew instantly why you were involved with this crew.  Do you think what the said about the ancient dwarven ruins was correct?  We know what strange magic was tied to the delve, if even a part of that is present in these ruins, then we might be on the horizon of another one of those, “Planar Events” you lecture about.

This crew called themselves the Dogs of War.

I do not think that these Dogs are ready to face an event like that which we encountered on the Tower. I have scouted their intended path and will continue to track them from afar.  I’ll contact you again if I observe anything of note.

P.S.  The Dogs of War have suffered a casualty on the roads south of town. They were beset by a pack of Displacer Beasts and lost their High Elf in the combat. Please receive Braile’s personal effects with care and deliver them back to his tribe in the Old World.  He perished at the build site of a new guard tower.  When completed, we will name it in his honoR unless his family requests otherwise.

Krix  and I, nay, this whole town will benefit greatly from any more lumber and building supplies that you could send our way. Our defenses in this region are tenous. Another winter without security on our road will cost more lives.

–Arpunia Scandale

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