Thoughts From a Dwarf V: Echoes of the Spirit Realm

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I spent a mere three days in Westhaven before I had to go off adventuring again.  The wee halfling, Adelaide, went and got herself captured by a tribe of wild elves. The journey back into the north, in the land where I died, was quite calm. It seems that the goblinoid scum are in full retreat since the death of Boros the Ninefingers. Two weeks there, and two weeks back. I am happy I had the chance to reaquaint meself with me mates.

Arpunia seemed ill with melancholy when I found her. No amount of bloodshed could cure the memory of the death of her husband. She remained in Westhaven for a while, caring for her orphans. Her trusty winged steed, Yelaff, was somewhat of a tourist attraction. Not many hippogryphs find a home in Westhaven.  But when we returned to the north, she chose to stay there.  It seems that Princess Annabella dispatched a contingent of the King’s Men through Chaster’s teleportation circle and arrived at White Plume Mountain.  Arpunia remains there, attempting to establish a defensible fortification.  I am thrilled that, through our efforts, Westhaven’s borders are expanding once again.

Drom spent two months on the Eastern Sea, bringing what little of me remains survived the dragon attack to me family back home. I was told he grew somber after me death, yet he returned to Westhaven with the same zeal for battle. He remains a valuable, if volatile, ally.

Krix Skandale, ever a loyal friend, was generous and lent me the gold I needed to re-equip meself for adventuring, since I returned to this world naked and penniless.  He remains a trusted advisor and confidant, and is perhaps the most level-headed of all the men and women I call friend.

The old scholar, Elios, remains alive and well.  He has been working with Chaster to establish a permanent means of travel via the aforementioned teleportation circles we have found scattered across the realm.

Signore did not survive the battle with the Marilith. His brother, Salvatore, now rides with us. I am told I returned to life not long after Signore lost his. I am saddened our souls did not cross paths in the spirit realm. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to welcome him.

Doc Smith remains missing, and feared dead, after the Battle of the Demons.

His Grace, Prince Alexander, has not been seen in public in some time. There are rumors that he is recently engaged to some duchess or princess.  I believe his time spent with us was his last gasp at independence before his royal duties caught up with him.

Newcomers to our ranks also include “Lizzy”, an apparently exiled Lizardfolk from a tribe native to the island of Khorant.  He possesses the same lust for battle that Signore did and Drom does, however he has so far been resistant to me attempts at command.

Adelaide, small even for her race, was the newest member of the Band of Blades I inducted prior to me death.  She kept the Band alive after I departed this world although, despite her attempts, the Band did not survive.

So, the Band is no more.  But it is no matter.  Me mates and I still adventure together, and that is what matters.  The bonds of brotherhood cannot be broken by any mortal means.

Not counting travel time, our adventures in the north were brief.  From what Addie recounted to us of her time spent with them, the elf tribe that lives up there is ancient and excessively xenophobic at times.  Their society is tied with the gryphons that call that region of the mountains home.  It seems, though, that a wave of progressivism has struck their youth.  During this past century with the arrival of us westerners to this continent, the young elves have interbred freely with humans, creating a small demographic of half-elves in their population.  Further, at least one “elder” was open enough to speak with us directly.  Addie was not held prisoner for long, if at all.  She returned to us with her own runt-of-a-gryphon mount.  There was a great deal of talk about opening a trade route between Westhaven and the elves, and although the promises of darkwood were intriguing, quite frankly we have more important things to worry about.  Our business now turns toward Dragon’s Delve and the demons that dwell therein.

Returning to life has been an interesting experience.  I still remember how to swing a sword and mount a horse.  Westhaven still smells like humans.  But, what has changed are me dreams.  They have been unlike any I had before I died.

I dream I am a bird.  I dream I am flying. I stretch me tiny wings and soar for what seems like days and days. The dreams are vivid, so real I can feel the wind on me feathers, and can see the grass and the trees and the rivers far, far below me.  But they are more than just dreams. When I wake, they seem more like memories.

I think they are echoes of me time spent in the spirit realm.

Ox seems to have come back from the dead a changed dwarf. He spent a day at the Hob & Goblin, sorting out what remained of the Band’s business there. But instead of moving into his old room, he instead opted to camp outside the city limits.

Knowing he would return to adventuring and using borrowed funds from his friend Skandale, Ox visited the blacksmiths and put in an order for several custom items, using the adamantine metal the Band had salvaged from the Cave of the Constructs.

During the five week trip to the north to rescue Addie, Ox spent a great deal of time writing. The other characters noticed he often slept fitfully, and after waking would scribble furiously on his scrolls. Conspicuously absent are his mugs of dark ale, which used to accompany his writing without fail.

Ox’s weapon was finished first: a large double-headed warhammer made from solid adamantine, blackened from a specific forging process and etched with images of the sun and moon. The other items will take longer to finish.

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