A Life’s Calling

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The news of my brother Signore’s death has touched me to my core. I now know my life’s calling. I know this because I feel an uncontrollable rage that I must let out, lest it consume me.

Magic, and those foul denizens whom it enslaves, must be punished.
I am so tired of hearing the platitudes of “magic is neutral”; it sickens me. The tribal elders are right to teach the young ones of the evil of magic and how it corrupts. These Blades folks are blind. They talk about magic’s neutrality and seconds later curse magic wielding beasts. Arpunia talks as if surprised that no one wants to wield the evil sword Blackrazor, which Signore immediately recognized as a foul evil thing to be destroyed. Arpunia fails to connect that the blade itself is not evil, it is the magic within the blade. A hunk of metal is not evil, it is the magic that taints it’s core.

I am so frustrated with their lack of insight. So many bright people, who are so blind. They fail to see the evil lie which is right in front of them. They coddle and embrace magic and in the end it will be their undoing.

My blood boils at their ignorance and arrogance. I do not know which is worse; ignorance or arrogance. I cannot fault them though. They have been raised in a society which has blinded them. They have been told lies since childhood. I must be patient with them and thru example show them that there is a better way. They do not yet see that they were born with all they need. They do not need magic to achieve greatness. And if they did become great would not everyone, including themselves, question whether it was they or the magic which did great things?

Therefore I must follow Signore’s lead and focus my rage upon the enemy, all who use and love magic must be destroyed. I will not make Signore’s mistake of confronting evil which is beyond my skill level. I will also not ignore it’s blasphemous use within the party.

I must focus my new advancement in the bezerker ways.

I must develop new skills to combat the evil menace.

I must destroy those that embrace magic in their very souls.

Respectfully submitted,


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2 Responses to “A Life’s Calling”

  1. Arpunia says: |

    Actually, that sounds more like a dedicate than a Berserker. “A Dedicate relies on mental discipline and the
    sudden and focused application of force. She
    learns to outmaneuver her opponents and strike
    them where they are weakest in order to achieve
    her objectives as quickly as possible”

  2. Signore says: |

    Until the Dedicate class can invoke Berserk Speed and Berserk Strength I will choose to focus my “raw fury” upon the enemy in combat.
    As you know Dedicates are Wisdom and Concentration based. I am Strength, Dexterity and Constitution based.
    Building a monk is a 31 flavors thing I think. Just like there are multiple schools of martial combat (Jiujitsu, Hapkido, Taekwondo, etc) in our world, there are multiple ways to fight by hand in Westhaven.

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