Thoughts From a Dwarf IV: Why Am I Alive?

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There is a large difference between knowing an event occurred and understanding why that event occurred.

I am alive. I died some months ago, victim of a dragon’s fury. All that I was dissolved in a cloud of dragon breath. But now I have been ripped from the realm of the spiritwalkers and returned safely to the earth.

I am not a believer in divine predestination. Perhaps if I were, I would have an easier time coming to grips with me situation. I was gone only a short time, but the city and the people I knew and loved have changed in so many ways. The city’s bureaucracy has expanded with the appointment of several new governors to better manage Westhaven’s rapidly-increasing population.  The dwarf lass I was wooing has accepted a proposal of marriage from another.  The little spot of land I had picked to build a home upon has been claimed by a human family.  Even me pride and joy, the adventuring guild I struggled to found and expand, has disbanded.  It seems I was the only thing holding it together.

The Band of Blades is no more, its members dead or scattered, its hall of treasures sold off, its center of business claimed by another group of talentless thrillseekers.  Many of its core members yet remain, however.  Possibilities…

I find I am melancholy.  I awoke at the feet of a demon prince, as naked as the day me Ma brought me into this world, red-faced and screaming.  I have no coin, save what was loaned to me.  The armor I wear and the hammer I wield come via the good graces of others.  Dogan was shocked to see me and happy to give me a room at the Hob, but I have no house to call me own.  All that I am, I owe to me friends.  I am nothing without them.

Starting today, I fight to reclaim all that I have lost.

There is much work to do to reestablish meself, and even more work yet to do for the city, perhaps more now than when I died.  I must immediately lead an expedition into the north to rescue a little halfling who went and got herself captured by what we believe to be a tribe of wild elves.  Hopefully, we can reach her before they decide to eat her.  Fortunately, while I was dead, much work was done by Chaster, the teleportation wizard Doc and Elios rescued from Dragon’s Delve.  Chaster believes he can transport us directly to the Mountain of the White Plume, cutting weeks off of our journey.

I am anxious to see the north again.  I died there.  I am curious to see what became of the goblinoid tribes after Boros’ end.  Am I ready to fight again?  We shall see.  Some part of me hopes I no longer have the stomach for it.  Another part wonders if I remember how to ride a horse.  The rest of me remembers me duty.  I lived, fought, and died for duty.  After me clan conscripted and trained me in the arts of war, I always knew I would die for duty, but I never conceived I could die twice for it.  Not everyone gets a second chance.

I am a soldier.  Me life is meaningless as long as me enemies live.

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