Thoughts From a Lizard

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The following was found scribbled on a sheet of paper next to several drinks the night before our recent departure.

The amount of feelings I receive is disturbing, which is why I scribble this into a piece of paper provided by the library. Elios says that I should write down what I feel. Elios is wise; I’ve followed him since he rescued me from Khorant. He tells me to learn the language of the small humans, so I do. He tells me where to go during fighty time, so I do. He tells me to listen to a dwarf spawned of demons instead of him, I am confused. How could this dwarf be mightier that Drom? How can he be wiser that Elios? How can he be our ruler? Nature placed him in his grave, yet he walks the material plain once again? The Blade of Bands speaks of him as if he is a deity, but he stands shocked and scared! How could such a dumbfounded being lead a small army? He even tried to greet me in his own cultural ways, and was disappointed when I greeted him in MY cultural ways!  How should I follow? How COULD I follow? We will go to rescue the little one tomorrow, who is being held captive. They have the nerve to hold her a PRISONER! No one will hold an ally of mine captive and LIVE! I WILL TEAR THEM APART! But I must not, Elios will get angry, make me more angry sending me into a mental rampage. And then there are the dreams. Oh the dreams, dreams of exile, survival, cold, freezing nights, and evil. It is late, I must sleep.

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