The Road to the Abyss, Part 5

Adventure Log by Arpunia Add comments team ran across the battlefield to find Sonnlinorson battling a platoon of Lizardfolk.  His long reach cut down all of the abyssal creatures stupid enough to charge him but it could not stop the large sphere of fire from rolling past him and burning his legs.  Nor could he stop the strikes of lightning that hit him from the unnaturally stormy sky.

A few of the Band recognized the sphere as a magical conjuration and called out for the team to be ready to face another conjurer.  Some thought this was a sing that another Maralith was lurking in the night’s shadows.  Elios order Addy and Idran to fly through the area and drop sun rods in the local darkness.

The fliers took to the sky and dropped sun rods that illuminated other large contingents of lizard folk.  One group commanded five large crocodiles.  Another group surrounded a huge sized Abyssal prowler that was deformed by a chimeric curse.  It had the head of a dragon and a goat with wide ornate leathery wings and the body (and pounce) of a prowler.

Skandale quickly went to work by firing shots into the large crocodiles.  Elios and Doc moved over to flank with Sonnlinorson and quickly came face-to-axe against an Abyssal Demon Knight clad in black armor and carrying both a flaming black war axe and a spiked shield.  He looked just like the army commander that the band encountered on the edge of the burning forest almost a week ago.  The deaths of their brethren did not slow down the swarms of lizardfolk eager to stand by their commander’s side.  So Sonnlinorson continued to swing into them as Elios and doc focused on bringing down the commander.

Addy and Idran circled the battle field but could not find a safe place to land.  The sky erupted in a blinding flash of white-blue light as lightning incinerated Addy’s dinosaur mount, knocked her unconscious, and brought her body 60 feet down to the ground.  Idran only had enough time to say, “She Cratered,” before he too lost his mount and was grounded.

The group suddenly realized that these spells were being commanded by a lizardfolk druid standing on a tall rock platform behind the chimeric prowler.  Elios called out to the team to distract her while he was trying desperately to avoid the lethal swings from the Lizardfolk Knight Commander’s flaming axe.  Doc moved to engage the druid.

The druid spotted him then enlarged her prowler animal companion to a huge size and hunted for him.

Then in front of the whole band and in full view of the abyssal army on the lit battlefield, Doc once again disappeared from the battle.  Using no magic, the tricky Halfling-raised thief became indistinguishable from the rock that jutted just five feet from the druid’s presence.  The chimera and prowler and the surrounding Lizardfolk could not find him despite their best efforts and resources.

Somehow Elios, Doc and the Giant were able to bring down the Deamon knight.  Liz joined their fight and they quickly cleaned off their side of the battlefield.  They turned their attention toward the Chimera and Druid… Just as the Druid turned her attention toward them.  A massive earthquake shook the ground.  Doc fell into a crevasse as did one of Skandale’s prized divine smite rifles.  The tremor lasted only a few seconds.  As everyone was collecting their balance again, a wall of thick brambles and vines sprung up split the groups in the middle of the battlefield.

The team scrambled to get around the blockage as the druid prepared more spells.  She brought down some lightning bolts, disenchanted Doc’s enhancements, reversed the gravity under the group’s feet and enlarged her prowler companion to a Huge size.

Despite one blast from its acidic breath weapon, the Chimera did not prove to be much of a threat to the crew.  They chased the druid down but found that no one wearing any metal could get within 60 feet of her.  An anti-metal and stone force pulsed out from her and turned aside any of Skandale’s ranged attacks and all of the armor clad warriors that tried to chase her.  Making matter worse, Elios recognized that she was protected by another spell that resisted all of the fire damage thrown at her.  The team quickly went about taking off the giant’s armor and divesting his body of any metals.  Liz dropped his axes and moved over to the druid in hope of slashing her with his claws.

The Druid gleefully hit the team with columns of fire and strikes of lightning.  Once the giant removed all of his armor, he charged the Druid and punched at her with his massive fists… only to find that she was also protected by an anti-life shell that prevented living creatures from getting within ten feet.

This is when the druid’s Huge prowler went to work, striking the group with massive pounce attacks.  Elios yelled at the team to focus all attacks on the prowler, but it was too late.  The massive cat-like creature jumped on the giant and split his unarmored torso into bloody ribbons.  It then jumped onto drom and brought the sturdy dwarf to the ground.

The team finally brought down the prowler.  They gathered on a side of the battle field and prepared to activate their only option left… and escape into the island paradise of the crystal skull.  Doc and Skandale kept shooting at the druid as she moved over and revived her fallen companion with a magical heal spell.

Elios staggered as he was hit with a lightning bolt and the prowler moved over to pounce on him.  Then poof… the team was transported to the skull’s magical island.  All of the team members made it through the teleportation; even Idran and Addy.

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