The Road to the Abyss, Part 4

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In the middle of the Lizardfolk encampment Addy and Idran landed their flying mounts and regrouped with the remaining ground team of Doc, Skandale, and Elios.  They quickly refreshed themselves with healing draughts and set off to meet with the Griffon team of Drom and Liz.

Mosquitoes hunted Addy and Edran from in the air while the ground team were hit with wicked pounces of two cat-like abyssal prowlers.  Skandale fired his divine smite rifle in a wide arc that weakened the foes but Addy could not get out of the way.  The strange weapon wracked her with such pain that she lost the strength to lift her arms… or move across the battle field.  This made her an easy target for the abyssal forces.  All attacks focused on her and left her bloody and gasping for breath.  Unable to command her flying mount and facing large fast creatures, her options for escape were limited to five feet of movement.  In desperation, she drank a magical potion that made her invisible.

Skandale continued to fire into the flanks of the creatures and seemed to be turning the fight in his favor.  One Squad disengaged after their leader fell in the fight.  Elios recognized one of the small poison dusk lizard circling behind the group.  The old man knew what kind of damage these creatures were capable of unleashing so he pulled out his new scroll and cast Invisibility Purge.  This revealed the flanking Lizardfolk and the now vulnerable Addy.  One of the demonic brutes took advantage of this and knocked Addy unconscious with a swipe of his claw.

Liz and Drom arrived from the other side of the battlefield just in time.  The heavy hitters rushed into the fight and concentrated on bringing down the last Lizardfolk commander and assassin.  The party huddled up, revived poor Addy, reloaded their ranged weapons, and downed as many potions as they could find.  They shared the news of Signore’s passing and considered using the Crystal Skull from Korant to escape the battle and rest up.  The debate raged but Drom steadfastly refused to leave the Stone Giant to his death.

Vowing together to fight to the death and end this Abyssal blight, the team prepared for another push against the dark horde and set off into the night to save the stone giant.

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