The Road to the Abyss, Part 3

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The band enters the camp and Signore fights his last fight.

Doc emerged from the tick plant wall surrounding the Abyssal encampment and sighted a 10’ tall Marilith standing on a platform where the giant’s Half-Celestial horse was being held captive.  Doc retreated to Elios and Skandale to warn them then continued past to secure his horse.  The Marilith’s stone Altar seemed to be emanating that same green energy that the Band of Blades saw on the Tower before it opened the Abyssal portal.  The patterns of green energy from this altar are much larger although not as uniform as those from the tower.

Elios and Skandale decided that they needed to meet up with the team and plan a new attack.  This new plan called for Liz and Drom to fly to thecenter of the camp on a summoned Griffon while Addy and Elios threw grenades from the back of their flying dinosaur mounts and the rest of the crew ran across the battlefield on foot.  The Marilith quickly recognized this plan and teleported to face the ground team in a direct fight.

Signiore was grappled by the horrible 6-armed creature who used him as a shield against the Stone Giant’s relentless attacks.  The mighty Signore died when then Giant’s Greatsword swung past the Marilith and struck the berserker in the chest.  The bloodied Marilith left the fight to return to the altar where Drom and Liz were in the fight for their life against three large abyssal prowlers and two tough invisible lizardfolk.  The Marilith ordered the Prowlers to take down the mount then returned to taunt the stone giant.

She ordered the surrounding lizardfolk to eat Signore’s flesh as she tried to fishih off the group.  But in a stroke of luck for the Band of Blades, she stabbed herself in the eye with one of her longswords.  Blind and surrounded, she fell to the hits from Addy, Elios, and the Stone Giant.  His reveng not sated, the giant then left the party and recklessly hacked into all the lizardfolk he could find.

Eight giant mosquitoes gave chase to the flying invaders and managed to take down the summoned Griffon.  Drom and Liz exhausted their healing reserves in their fight.  The left the rest of the lizardfolk on the altar behind them and ran across the battlefield to meet the rest of the ground crew.

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