The Road to the Abyss, Part 2

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The band of blades followed the directions from Sonnlinorson and headed south past the tower. On the two day journey they only had one encounter with creatures from the abyss; a flock of some 20 Vargoiles.  Their shrieks and attacks were easily overcome by our heroic band.  Denizens of the abyss surely stand no chance against these tough adventurers!

The band took pause at the edge of a tenebrous swamp.  The land and plants seems to have been twisted into unnatural forms.  The murky water fell off into pits over fifteen feet deep.  Small atolls of thick mud and bramble rose up from murky water and gave the horses a small ledge on which to walk through the shallower parts of the water.

Immediately upon entering the swamps, the band crossed into the den of six fiendish hydras.  The fighters of the group held back the hideous eight and ten-headed creatures as the others hurried past.  They managed to slay three of them before the creatures gave up the pursuit.

Addy and Idran took flight on the backs of flying Koranthian dinosaurs to scout the area.  Elios cast an arcane eye from an old scroll.  Together they were able to map out the maze-like structure of the major waterways in the swamp.  Idran discovered the location of the lizardfolk encampment and quickly flew back to the party to avoid being a pincushion in the sky.

With limited knowledge of the camp or its defenses, and with daylight quickly waning, the band hastily put together a plan to invade the camp and rescue Sonnlinorson’s celestial mount.  But before they could approach the camp, nine Skulvyn rose undetected from the depths of the swamp and attacked.  Elios took the worst hits from their four wounding tails.  Doc had to regroup the party using his magical ring.  Sonnlinorson grabbed his Glaive and hacked through the abyssal demons with relentless precision.

Under the gray rainy skies barely lit by the day’s last hour of sunlight, the band arrived at the camp.  Doc stepped foot into open clearing.  The soggy thicket made no sounds under his feet as he ran across the edge of the brambles.  He was prepared to face hundreds of fiendish lizardfolk warriors, but slightly dissuaded after seeing the massive Marilith commanding them, and then absolutely sickened by the sight of the altar on which she stood.



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