The Road to the Abyss, Part 1

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The Band of Blades was reformed for the purpose of closing the abyssal wound that opened on the material plane back in October.

Still a day or two away from the portal, the band encountered an army of 60 lizard folk.  The army seemed to be staging an ambush on the goblins and hobgoblins of the nearby forest.  The Band moved quickly to engage the lizardfolk.  A fierce fight ensued.  If only lasted a couple of minutes but it felt like 4 hours.  The heroes survived blasts of fire, a sortie of large mosquitoes, and the burning axe of a horrible demon knight.

Coming to their aid, at just the right moment, was a Stone Giant named Sonnlinorson.  He calls himself a paladin of Moradin.  He swears to help the band on thier quest to purge the evil from these lands if they first help him retrieve his loyal mount.  It was stolen by a lizard folk army twice the size of the one the band just defeated.  About a day-and-a-half south of the tower, the Abyssal Lizardfolk have set up an encampment.  There are literally hundreds of them there with their ranks growing larger every day.  Sonnlinorson admits with a sigh that the total count could now easily be over a thousand.  The land in that area has been corrupted by the abyssal demons that haunt the place.  The gentle rolling plains have been converted into a bog with deep black pools and overgrown alien vegetation.

Right now the band finds themselves on a scorched battlefield.  Bleeding and dying Abyssal Lizardfolk claw at the earth with the last remnants of their strength.


Road to the Abyss, Part 1

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