What’s This, Another Landmass?

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Last Friday, only four brave adventurers stayed to confront the dangers lurking within the Unknown Temple. Fortunately, all four made it out alive. Perhaps one of them will see fit to put quill to parchment so others can read of their experience.

For reference, the temple is located just offshore of Khorant’s northeast coast. From this location, the party could see what lies north of the island. Upon leaving, the quartet noticed, far to the northwest across many miles of ocean, clearly visible despite being covered by clouds, what seems to be another landmass.

Despite the distance, it is still possible to determine a few important points:

(1) It appears to be located inside the Sea of Storms, the cursed barrier that protects Khorant from traditional methods of travel.

(2) It is most likely another island, as the Sea of Storms surely cannot encompass an entire continent…right?

(3) If it is another island, it is several times larger than Khorant.

(4) There is no mention in any of the Delve’s various documents of a second island. Whatever it is, it is likely unrelated to the Delve and its associated territories.

Bel states unequivocally that he has no interest in exploring another island. He is content to stay at home with his family if and when the Band decides to explore this second island. He remains eager to explore the “normal” levels of the Delve, or the outside world, which he has yet to see for himself.

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  1. Arpunia says: |

    I’m looking for some adventurers willing to brave the forests that edge the “safe” plains and put an end to the lycanthropic disease the infests the area.

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