Where Are We Headed?

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We lack focus and it will surely doom us.

With our nemesis Boros dead, we no longer have a guiding purpose. We wander aimlessly like ants who have lost their trail.

To fill the void some of the band has turned to wanton violence. At the start of our latest adventure Drom proudly declared, “I say we go into the forest and start killing S#!?”.

How could we have lost our way so quickly? My only solace is my faith. The evil tricksters and their magic must be removed from beloved Westhaven. I must not fail.

Shortly after entering the forest we encountered a group of  magically twisted spiders. Some sick and demented caster had added a new set of arms to these foul beasts. As if eight legs were not enough! They quickly fell to our blades. None of the Blades seemed to be repulsed  by these foul creatures, as I was.

Why don’t they see things as I do? Elios seems bright enough, surely smarter than I, but he doesn’t see all of the foul things around us for what they are. He is fascinated, dare I say, even in awe of magic. Yet every day we see evidence of the true faith is right. Ehlios’ fascination will lead to his death. I must save him.

During our first night in the jungle when we heard noises our newest member, BT, jumped into a bush for concealment. Why you would not stand your ground and bravely face the enemy, I do not know. Suddenly the bush grew fangs and attacked him. After one prick, BT could not breathe. Doc and Elios tried to help him, but to no avail. Then just as suddenly he was free and able to breathe again. It had all been some evil tricksters illusion. Yet again none of the Band see the evil all around them.

Across the river some lizard folk appeared. Elios, the death seeker, decided to talk to them. Only the Gods  know why he has survived thus far. Much to my surprise Elios successfully barters with these strange folk. During some potion trading somehow Elios convinces the lizard folk’s champion that he should fight Doc.

After going to their village and a short night’s rest Doc was summoned to the arena. Doc was then forced to adopt lizardman custom; Doc was to fight naked and empty handed. A painfully long fight ensued. Doc was like a trapped cobra in the small fighting ring. The lizardman champion tried to bite and claw him but Doc was mostly able to evade him. Although Doc was badly wounded in the fight, Doc managed to best the champion.

I must meditate tonight on the techniques Doc used, lest they be used against me. His ways are strange and unorthodox.  He too is a lover of magic. Why doesn’t Doc see that he bested a champion without the use of tainted items? Doc struggles to move ahead in this world but does not see the way to happiness. So bright, yet so blind.

The lizard folk only then share that they are hunted by magically altered beasts and support our cause. They tell us of a fort nearby.

We progress towards the fort and begin to spy upon it when four Dire Boars wander by. Clearly the enemy ignores their presence since they act like an early warning system and primitive guards. I climb up a tree to get to safety and allow the boars to pass. I tell the others to do the same to no avail.

Dire Boar

The usually logical Skandale steps up and shoots one of the massive beasts. The rest of the band joins in and they slaughter the huge boars. But the beasts served the enemies purpose; the fort now knows we are here. The element of surprise is lost.

Once again a lack of focus betrays us. We all shall be quickly returned to the dust from which the Spirit created us.

I fear for our future.

Tonight's Cast:
John "Doc" Smith, Human Thief / Dedicate - Mat
Krix Skandale, Human Archer - Russ
Signore, Human Berserker - Keith
Elios "The Cat", Human Hunter / Man-at-Arms - Paul
Drom Fragula III, Dwarven Weapon Master / Berserker - Jeff
Kirra, Half-Elf Executioner - Kim
Adelaide, Halfling Harrier - Heather
Bel'amon Tel'dirith, Elven Executioner / Harrier - Tristan
DM - Eric

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