The Evil of Khorant

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Khorant surely is possessed by an evil spirit.

Every night we spend on the island, the more threatening the messages become. The visions are filled with flame, death, and corruption, surely trying to remove us, or me, from this island.

However, instead of fleeing, I have made it my quest to stop this demonic presence. Even if it means my ultimate doom, I will not allow this island to live on in fear. Perhaps, with the removal of the spirit, the lizardfolk, humans, and gruus here may live in harmony with no fear of their doom.

No one can know the future for sure however if we do not take action soon, this island will burn and become a second hell. We shouldn’t stall since time is not on our side. We must purge the evil from this land, even if we die in the process.


So band, who will join my holy crusade against the corrupted spirit of this island?


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  1. Signore says: |

    My brother Blade, my sword and I are ready to wipe the foulness from this island lest it spread further.
    May our worthy and noble quest receive the favor of the Spirit.
    - Signore

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