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Captain Ox Dunnbuldanngen
Band of Blades


My name is Bel’amon Tel’dirith.  I arrived recently in Westhaven and am seeking admission to your guild, which I have heard from various townspeople is the largest and most successful adventuring organization currently in operation here.  I am a trained scout and skirmisher, but more importantly I have also received training in the use of enchanted devices, including scrolls and wands.

It is my understanding that the Band of Blades is the only adventuring guild that has made any notable progress in exploring the nearby dungeon known as Dragon’s Delve.  I am extremely interested in determining the origins of this facility, which I have heard remains a mystery.  Further, there is talk in town of your organization venturing into the northern mountains, from which you extracted three weapons of immense power.

Judging by your organization’s reputation alone, I am sure your desk must be covered with letters from prospective recruits such as I, nevertheless I am hoping to discuss the merits of my application with you at your earliest convenience.

I can be contacted at the Golden Lion.

Third Son of the House of Tel’dirith

Mr. Tel’dirith,

Guessing by your name, I’d say you are elfkind?  Your application for entry into the Band of Blades holds at least some promise.  I recommend you speak as soon as possible with my lieutenant in charge of arcane lore, an old human named Elios.  He can generally be found at the Hob & Goblin, the tavern that serves as our base of operations.

If Elios believes your knowledge to be adequate and that you are of sound mind and body and therefore fit to join our ranks, I will try to have you join us during our next foray into the Delve.  For the next few weeks, however, we are planning a dangerous operation to the north of the city, where we hope to apprehend a fugitive who absconded from legal jurisdiction sometime last year.

I look forward to meeting you after our mission in the north is completed.  Be advised there is a short trainee period during which you must prove your skills in battle, martial or otherwise, to the rest of us.  We have had bad experiences in the past with talentless thrillseekers and have been forced to implement an evaluation period prior to official admittance into our group.

-Arxaggus “Ox” Dunnbuldanngen
Captain, Band of Blades

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