In the Event of Me Death

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If you are reading this it is because I have met an untimely death. This event, while unfortunate, is one I have anticipated nonetheless. I am sure the end of my life was a violent affair. I never relished the nature of my profession; rather, I accepted it for what it was. Taming these lands in the service of the city and its people instilled in me a happiness and a purpose I had never known. I hope that I died protecting Westhaven from the evils that surround it, in the company of me mates and with a battle cry in me throat.

Please consider these me last wishes.

In accordance with the funeral rites of me clan, me body is to be stripped naked, washed, then wrapped in clean white linens from head to toe. I am then to be cremated outdoors, under the open sky, and me ashes will be collected into a red urn engraved with the symbol of me clan.

This ritual is traditionally performed by a female priest of Clangeddin Silverbeard, patron of all dwarven warriors. Presumably, one will not be available in Westhaven. Hopefully the Lord of the Twin Axes will grant a pardon and a cleric from the Holy Cathedral can fulfill the rite.

The urn and ten platinum coins are to be shipped across the Great Sea to me family, at the following address:

114 Mudminnow Road
Clan Dunnbuldanngen
Einergam River Delta, Kilarney Lowlands

The rest of me wealth and possessions I leave to me mates in the Band of Blades. May their adventures bring them prosperity known only by the gods.

-Arxaggus “Ox” Dunnbuldanngen
Captain, Band of Blades

This letter can be found among Ox’s possessions in his room at the Hob & Goblin. I wrote this last November. Sadly, neither Ox nor I anticipated the possibility that his body might be unrecoverable.

4 Responses to “In the Event of Me Death”

  1. Meatwad says: |

    Finally, Ox died….

    • Arxaggus says: |

      Killed by the acidic breath of a green dragon. Very bad way to die.

    • Old Larry says: |

      I was just a wee bit curios of your desires and intentions, Meatwad. Do you one day wish to take over the Band of Blades after you dance upon our dead bodies? Does the loss of a leader in our band not concern you? Are you not joining us on our noble quests so you can brag to be the only remaining member of the Band of Blades if we all die?

      Your intentions concern me, Metawad…

  2. Signore says: |

    Since all that was left of Ox after the acid bath was a pile of goo, his burial wishes could not be honored. Of course it would have been nice if we had know this before hand. I guess I tried by scooping up the goo and burning it. Just didn’t know about the ashes and platinum coins.

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