Thoughts From a Dwarf II

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I was not prepared for the changing of the seasons.

The winter in this place is considerably colder and wetter than I am accustomed to. Elios says it’s because I was born at a lower latitude, although exactly what a latitude is is another question. It sounds like altitude, but I think that’s something else. Me knowledge of geography is somewhat lacking, as I’ve yet to discover a practical use for it against spell-slinging demons.

In basic training, I remember me drill sergeant always insisting that I keep me feet dry. Some time during the Band of Blades’ long-term foray into the northern mountains, I let that advice slip a little. Considering the amount of time I keep me feet inside armored boots, it’s a wonder they ever get dry at all. The first autumn rainstorm after the harvest did a number on me feet; for a solid month I was afflicted by some species of foot fungus. The pain I could withstand but I clearly couldn’t ride with that condition. So, I stayed home while the rest of the Band went in search of that cave rumored to house metallic creatures; the old artificer even gave Drom a map leading to the area.

Me time spent in town wasn’t entirely fruitless. I completed me studies of Ancient Dwarven under Elios’ tutelage and aided him in his translations of the two stone tablets we found this past summer. Further, he’s certain he made a breakthrough regarding the various circles of teleportation we’ve discovered in this region.

I managed to find Tunskalan a job, keeping the peace at the Hob & Goblin. With most of the city’s adventurers keeping indoors during winter, boredom can set in rather quickly. Last week, a brawl resulted in several destroyed tables and chairs before the the King’s Men could respond; Dogan figured having a bouncer on-site was good for business, and now that there’s a giant ogre walking around glaring at everyone, things are considerably calmer. In spite of the risk of ruined furniture, Dogan still prefers his business now over the way things were a year ago, when he was struggling to meet his annual property tax. Me mates and I have literally made him one of the richest innkeepers in town. I’ve a feeling the Doc could blow up one of the bedrooms and he’d forgive us for it.

As for Chaster, no one can keep track of him from one hour to the next. There was some talk between Skandale and I about setting up a shop somewhere in town for him, but so far nothing’s come of it. I honestly don’t know if the princess would allow a quasi-magical research laboratory to exist within the city limits. Considering she went into a mild panic when we submitted our plans for construction of a guild hall, I’ve a feeling her advisors won’t take kindly to the halfling.

As far as recent adventuring goes, lately we’ve become less schizophrenic about our goals. We spent several weeks in the mountainous north retrieving some enchanted weapons, one of which we were hired to find and were paid a handsome sum for. A few of us cleared out the Red Saint’s prison, a part of Dragon’s Delve accessible only via a fancy scepter, which Doc calls the key. We also finally finished clearing out the city sewers, which had become infested with undead. I was proud to inform Captain Miller of the King’s Men that the Band of Blades had (finally) made good on their promise to quell that threat under the city.

Now that I think about it, me foot fungus surely came from walking through the sewers…

Anyway, Boros the Ninefingers is still at the top of our list. Skandale always says we aren’t ready to go up against his armies, but given the haul of unexplainable weapons the Band brought back from that cave, Boros’ capture or death is surely at hand.

Near as we can tell, that cave is not native to this land. The creatures that dwelled within were made from pure metal, and fought with a strength unknown to us fleshlings. I missed the majority of the fighting, of course, but from what me mates told me, we nearly suffered more than one death at the hands of those monstrosities. Many of them were armed with strange devices which, when operated properly, emit flesh-searing beams of light. Also discovered within the metallic halls were weapons stores containing explosives that are considerably more powerful than those craftable by Westhaven’s engineers.

That place has tons and tons of salvageable rare metals, including mithril and adamantium. It will take a great many hired men to transport all of the wealth it holds. For now, though, we must wait out the winter in town. It’d be reckless to venture into the mountains while the passes are choked with snowdrifts. I’m entertaining thoughts of attempting to scout Boros’ winter quarters, which surely must be located somewhere along the coast to the north. Rationality gets the better of me, however, and for now I console meself with me quill…and mug.

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