Preparing to Defeat Boros

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The time is drawing near when we must defeat Boros.

We have not seen his base but we know the army to be loyal to him and growing in strength.  I do not think that he is powerful enough to overtake the city walls but that does not make him less of a threat.  Evil intentions, when left unchecked, will gather more and more powerful forces to accomplish their goals.  Do not mistake that army as a passing annoyance; it is the seedling that will quickly grow into an unmatched force of evil and destruction.

We must rally what troops we can and face this threat while it is still in our realm of possibility to do so.  I do not often speak of my life in the old world; there is much to it that is still painful to me some 20 years later.  But I will tell you of my training in the land’s greatest military.  One of my teachers was a warfare historian named Rairnuk Telkrell.  While most of my official training consisted of lance and blade in the muddy fields of Kittenburgh, Rairnuk was a contemplative man who trained with words and tablets.  It is through his teachings that I learned to read a battlefield, and see the strategies fail or succeed.  Victories in combat are bought with arms, feet, and hooves.  Victories on a battle field are bought with preparation, deception, and calculation.

Rairnuk introduced me to the writings of a great war-leader whose name I have forgotten but lessons I have not.  He said that the outcome of a battle between two forces can be discerned by answering the following seven questions.  As so we must answer these questions and do what we can to gain an advantage over Boros so as to strengthen our chances of victory.

  1. Which of the two generals is imbued with the Moral Law?  (I.e., is in harmony with his subjects)
  2. Which of the generals has the most ability
  3. With whom lie the advantages derived from heaven and earth (Heaven is interpreted as the five elements, 4 seasons, wind, and fog.  Earth is interpreted as distances, open ground, narrow passes, and the chance of death.
  4. On which side is discipline most rigorously enforced?
  5. Which army is stronger?
  6. On which side are officers and men more highly trained?
  7. In which army is there greater constancy and both in reward and punishment?

I would say that Boros has the advantage in almost all of these answers.

The Band of Blades is a powerful force but we are no army.  We saw the one-hundred troops in the scouting party that pursued us form White Plume mountain.  If we are to reach Boros and defeat him, we need to match that with an army of our own.

The garrison was unwilling to lend us a hand when we first moved against Boros, but with the recent events I suspect it to be easier to get an ascent to our requests.  Perhaps there are also mercenaries willing to join the cause for a few coins like those who we take to the Delve.

“All warfare is based on deception.  When able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces we must seem inactive; when we are near our enemy must think us far away; when far we must make him think we are near.  Hold out baits to entice the army.  Feign disorder, and crush him.”

My proposed plan is simple.  We raise an army and teach them to act un-disciplined.  Move them though Boro’s territory slowly for a day or two at a time.  They will allow his scouts to report back.  If faced with a skirmish, the troops should flee.  We should scuttle our own wagons as if having lost them and been unable to fix them.  We should leave behind campsites that appear to have been abandoned in haste.  We give him the picture of a poorly prepared force.  This will embolden Boros and make him more willing to foolishly expose himself on a battlefield of our choosing.

We must also find a way to turn the army of Boros against itself.  We know it to be a mixture of smaller tribes united and controlled under threat of punishment.  We need to learn of these groups and entice them to revive their natural tribalism.  If these tribes had heraldry, then we display it.  If they had war songs, then we sing them.  If they have left families behind then we capture them and burn the settlements to the ground.  We force Boros to hear their pleas for homeland protection as each tribe worries that theirs will be next to burn.  He will either weaken his army by dividing his forces or he will ignore their requests and disrupt his army’s harmony.

These strikes will fuel our recruitment as stories of a grave threat and the promise of victory will fill the halls of the city garrisons.  We need an audience with the ruling classes to convince them that defeating this threat would lend credibility to their sovereignty and bring more investment from the old world.

Right now we are also blind.  We need to get maps of the area from the library and study the terrain for any crevasse or quagmire that we can exploit.  We also need to scout his patrols and determine their organization and size.  We can hit them with skirmish attacks like we did at White Plume.

Boros has chased the Band of Blades across the Safe Plains and into the Fallen Ridge.  He will continue to chase us as we leave traces of passing along the edges of his territory.  We bait him and keep his forces on the move.  We probe for weak spots where defenses are low and strike with powerful attacks, then move away and let him run troops to the ground in chase of our scent.

“Whoever is first in the battlefield and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has had to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted”

We do this for a few weeks and Boros will want to make a statement of his power against our army by moving in mass against our own.  We should make our army available when the moon is bright so as to lessen the goblinoid advantage of dark vision.

“Standing on the defensive indicates insufficient strength; attacking, a superabundance of strength”

Our force should be sub-divided into tactical teams.  They will all stand as one to start.  Boros will charge, or fire into the group.  Out teams will scatter as if in disarray but will actually be acting under the command of their team lead.  When the main force moves to engage ours, then the teams act coherently and swarm over the army.

“Admin turmoil and tumult of battle, there may be seeming disorder and yet no real disorder at all; amid confusion and chaos; our array may be without head or tail, yet it will be proof against defeat.  Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline, simulated fear postulates courage, simulated weakness postulates strength.”

We will fight him on good ground when the moon has stolen his forces’ advantage of vision.  Our forces will be agile and active on the field.  Our leaders will be well practiced and their tactical movements concealed under a veil of chaos and disorder.  Boros will emerge but we will strike him like a thunderbolt.  His regiments will be trampled by hooves of our strike teams.  The spirit of his whole army will be broken.

So Band, what do you think?

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  1. Elios says: |

    I am impressed – I have never taken you for a scholar of war.

    I am not wholly convinced that Boros represents the same threat that Arxaggus has claimed, and for that reason have consistently resisted the vague calls for us to “Go after him.” I will not resist this proposal.

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