The Band of Miners

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About a month ago, Elios got all excited about picking up a new career in mining.  The Band of Blades was happy to oblige his request and we escorted 6 workers, 2 mining experts, and 4 soldiers into the 3rd level of the Dragon’s Delve.

We were immediately greeted by the ghostly form of a Wraith.  Elios recognized it as an undead abomination that would suck the life force from your body.  Not having much force in his body, Elios immediately screamed in fright as it reached out and grabbed at him.  Ox snorted in disgust and destroyed with the Magical maul we picked up from the sewers.  The workers were amazed and his awesome display of smiting power.  The Band of Blades reputation will continue to rise.

One of the workers saw that Ox carried a fishing pole in his gear pack and started talking about the great spots and rivers in the area to find fish.  Ox was flabbergasted.  We had been adventuring for months without finding any fishing spots.  Then the worker dropped the bomb.  Apparently there are old tales of a river of fish so plentiful that you would mistake scales for water.  This mythical fishing river is rumored to be somewhere in the distant east.

Ox Dreams

Ox Dreams

We set up Drom and workers at the site of the collapsed tunnel we found the previous week.  The Wad, Ox, Elios, Alex, Xan and I set out to explore the rest of the caves.  While exploring one corer we were hit by utter darkness that even our torches could not penetrate.  We backed up until we could see light and stared at the black globe.  Tentacles emerged to slap at us.  The Wad jumped into the darkness, and screamed in pain as , I pulled him back into the light.  Full of bruises, he would live to see another day.  We chopped and poked at the strange creature until it died.  When the glob of darkness dissipated, we saw the form of two naked humans; a man and a woman.  They must have been wickedly polymorphed into the form of evil creatures.  In the cave, Elios found a wand that could cast a sort of magical shield of protection.

The caved eventually opened up to reveal a loud swift-moving underground river.  There was a narrow wet bridge across but we through of a more exiting means of traversing the water.  Alex tied a rope around his waist, handed the end to Ox and took four long strides before jumping off the edge…

Alex Rolled a 1.

and directly into the swift moving current.  The river took him down stream but Ox managed to pull him to shore.

“You know the difference between jumping and diving, right?  You push with your legs,” Ox said.

Alex stood up, pushed with his legs, did a flip in mid air and landed on the far side of the river facing Ox.

Alex Rolled a 20.

With a smug look on his face, he tied off his end of the rope and explored the cavern by himself.  The rest of us held onto the rope and tried to wad across the river.  Some *cough* Elios *cough* spent long enough in the water to take a bath.

Alex found a dry cove with charred bones and a corroded iron plate.  The plate held a large keyhole and nearby he found a… large key.  He quickly lost his nerve for solo adventure and handed the key to Ox.  Crunching on the bones, Ox moved forward as the rest of his moved back around the corner.  There was a bright flash of light then Ox appeared in the middle of the cove kneeling before an iron bound chest.

“What happened?” asked Elios.

“I was moved to a bright white room.  There was a tiger in the room,” said Ox.

“The key is gone?” asked Elios.

“I don’t have the key,” replied Ox.

“Well we don’t,” Said Xan.

“There was a chest in the room covered with chains,” said Ox.

“What chains?” Asked Elios.

Ox stood speechless as Elios opened the chest.  Inside we found a collection of finely crafted objects.  The party let our “Ohh!” and “Aww!” as each piece was pulled from the chest.

“And the big key is gone?” Asked Elios.

“You should go on such hallucinations more often. I want to go back, if there is one more.” Said Xan

But we did not have the key.  Nor could we believe that Ox entered a room, found a tiger and uncovered a chest is what amounts to a couple of seconds.  The dwarf is fast with his blades, but not that fast.  We took the riches back to the miner’s camp.

We stayed there for three more days, making decent progress but not finding anything spectacular.

“You promised us 3 day work, we can’t be leavin’ our families to worry abouts us” The miner’s leader said to Elios.

“We will pay a month’s salary to stay here and finish this tunnel,” said Elios.

“You see this symbol,” said Ox points to Band of Blades tabard on his chest, “that means we are good for it.”

“Make it triple and we will give it 3 more days, leaving if we finished or ain’t” The miner responded.

“Deal!” said Elios quickly.

“How about we say no and you walk back to the surface yourself,” added Alex.

“Alex, shush,” said Elios.

So we kept digging.  Ox, Drom, Alex, and I also chipped the a few stones… and nails in that dark tunnel.  We slept on the floor of the cave.  It was horrible.

After another three days, the workers started complaining;

“I’m hungry.”

“My family thinks we done in three.  Been here a week.”

“Band o’ Bullies, that what they be.”

Then, after a week without seeing the sun, the stone cracked to reveal  a worked stone room with two wooden planks on the floor.

Tonight's Cast:
Prince Alexander, Human Weapon Master - Mike
Meatwad "Phyllis", Half-Elf Executioner - Connar
Arpunia, Human Executioner / Woman-at-Arms - Eric
Elios "The Cat", Human Hunter / Man-at-Arms - Paul
Xanytha, Elven Archer - Heather
DM - Russ
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