Old Larry

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Greetings infidels, I am Bazantoth Yalleck the Third, Otherwise known as Larry. I write this account to inform you fellow mortals of my life. It isn’t “regular” as you humans call it.

As you would expect, my life began in the old world; on the tallest mountain ever to exist. I was a demigod then. It took me 5 years to descend the mountain. Over those years I learned great powers such as the ability to smite all that cross my path. Other things I discovered were the ability to call down the most powerful of natural occurrences. After enough time, my name struck fear into the all beings; natural and human alike.

All of these abilities were encased in a large sapphire I was gifted with. As long as I had the stone, I could possess these abilities. I traveled the land doing as I pleased. One time I was sent on a mission from the gods, to travel to a distant city and eliminate the sources of corruption in the land. And so I traveled, for days, weeks, months, years across the land. When I arrived, I was around age 20 and even stronger. I traveled the town very discretely discovering that the entire city was corrupted.

The rich ate all the food they can get their grimy little hands on while the poor suffered and died in the streets. The black market existed everywhere while murders and riots were a normal occurrence. The king paid no attention to these things. And the king was constantly drunk and eating. After visiting him and doing all I can to try and convince him, I had no choice: I had to destroy the city.

I climbed atop a nearby hill and summoned a massive earthquake that ripped the city in two and poured liquid earth on to the rest. The ground was sewn back together and the ruins disappeared forever. Surrounding cities were immediately aware that I was more powerful than anything else. That was when the war started.

The surrounding settlements gathered their armies and marched toward where I was. In response I gathered the power of nature and formed an army of my own. When the battle started, I caused a massive rockslide to tear through their forces and a monsoon to beat down hard on their soldiers. The collection of fey and animals knew how to handle this and tore their forces to ribbons. Nature then made a push and overran the surrounding cities but didn’t stop there. The old world was in danger of no longer existing. I had to stop this now.

The god of nature refused the command to halt the attack. There was but one thing to do: return to the mountain of the gods, and destroy the sapphire. So I started my final journey. The gods sent their best to stop me: demigods, storms, fey, nature, golems, and druids. All of them I defeated. Upon returning to the top of the mountain, I held the stone out and crushed it. The raw power that was released destroyed the mountain and sent me flying thousands of miles away into the forest. I somehow survived the fall and stood up.

The mountain was gone and the gods were weakened. But my powers were still there. Noticing that a small fragment of the gem was still in my hand, I continued on. I used my powers to summon a wolf and to create a sword made of pure energy. I set off to eliminate all the evil in the land knowing that the gods will surely kill me soon.

The next 20 years were spent hunting down evil goblin clans. There seemed to be no end to them until I discovered why. An evil sorcerer was having the goblins spawned and trained for war rapidly. He was the source of evil plaguing this land. It was my destiny to destroy him.

After I arrived at his temple, I prepared myself for battle when all of a sudden, a red dragon appeared. The dragon apparently was working for the wizard and had set up a trap for me. The evil creature killed my wolf and burned the surrounding forests to a crisp. After some exchanging of fire and lightning, I lunged at the beast and drove my sword into its heart and finally killed it.

Upon my arrival to the evil canyon in which the sorcerer lived, I summoned the largest tornado ever. The power of the storm was encased in the stone and I threw it into the valley. The tornado killed all of his goblins but he repelled the tornado and sent it into the sea.

I leapt down and drew my sword. He also drew out a sword of pure evil and attacked. The clashing of the swords caused a storm to brew and pour down on us. It was obvious that I was to lose but I had a secret weapon. When he threw me down I uttered a phrase: Juklyme. The phrase caused me lose my powers, but it created a massive explosion that wiped all life out in the surrounding 1000 miles.

This was a noble sacrifice but it eliminated a very evil source. A arose from the crater and found that I was now a mortal human about 40 or so in age. The journey back to civilization took around a year and I learned how to live as a human. When I arrived in town, I had some makeshift clothes, a carved staff, an old guitar I found, and around 100 gold pieces.

After around 6 months, I heard about a group of adventurers in the new world that was called the Band of Blades. Interested, I set off with my trusty sword-staff, O’l john (my guitar), and some robes.

I’m not sure what I’m doing here; all I know is that I wish I had my old powers in this new world.

Most of this was written with epic music playing in the background

5 Responses to “Old Larry”

  1. Elios says: |

    I’m fairly certain you have gone mad, sir. You’ll fit in nicely around here.

  2. Arxaggus says: |


    How did none of this come out during the interview?

  3. Elios says: |

    Perhaps you aren’t asking the right questions.

  4. Arxaggus says: |

    I will surely add “are you a demigod?” to the list of things I ask potential recruits.

    • Elios says: |

      A fruitless endeavor. Everyone knows that when someone asks you if you’re a god you say ‘YES!’

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