White Plume Mountain

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“Search ye far or search ye near, you’ll find no trace of the three.

Unless you follow instructions clear, for the weapons abide with me.

North past forest, farm, and furrow, you must go to reach the feathered mound.

Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow - forget life, forget light, forget sound.

To rescue Wave, you must do battle with the Beast in the Boiling Bubble.

Cross cavern west, where chain-links rattle, lies Whelm, past waterspouts double.

Blackrazor yet remains to be won, underneath inverted ziggurat.

That garnered, think not that you’re done, for now you’ll find you are caught.

I care not, former owners brave, what heroes you seek to hire.

Though mighty, each shall be my slave, or vanish into the fire.”

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  1. Arxaggus says: |

    So uh, this rich human offered us 20,000 gold if we hunt down this weapon that belongs to him. There are three total weapons in some underground caverns in the northern mountains, I guess, but he only wants the one. I assume the other two we could keep if we find them. Supposedly his rivals in the Old World would want these weapons, if they knew of their location. He gave absolutely zero clues as to how he learned of their location, or what these weapons are capable of. There’s a down payment of 2,000 gold for supplies once we’re ready to head out.

    Keep your mouths shut in town about this one, there’s something fishy going on with the nobility in Westhaven.

    This reward would be terrific for the purchase of a guild hall somewhere in town, as we’ve been discussing recently.

    • Elios says: |

      I requested that John investigate this further via whatever means he was certain could be executed discretely. All he could determine was that the noble left the old world in great haste – determined to arrive before other parties.

  2. Drom says: |

    I’m all for slashing my axe through anything that comes in our path in those underground caverns. I do find it curious that someone is willing to pay us 20,000 gold to recover a weapon that supposedly belongs to him. What do we know about this rich human? Let’s not forget what happened the last time we tried to exchange an expensive weapon for a large sum of coin.

    • Elios says: |

      According to the Assessor, he is who he claims to be. In fact, they received a number of inquiries from the old world for records and maps of the northern mountain range some months ago. Apparently, this noble’s historians were hard at work trying to decipher the meaning of this riddle (it also helps explain why they’ve been so unresponsive with our requests as of late).

  3. Signore says: |

    As much as I love a good fight, buried and lost treasure tends to be hidden and guarded by one or two aging irrelevant entities. If you think about it, when you have lots of guards, that is a lot of mouths to keep quite. Put a iron golem on duty in a trap filled tomb and your prize is safe, particularly when the golem’s first act is to kill all the workers.

    I don’t think there will be a lot of killing on this one. The poetic riddle above should be considered foreshadowing evidence. Notice it doesn’t say anything about unrelenting hordes but does talk about caverns and forgetting light and sound. Definitely riddles and puzzles.

    How I hate magic users and magic lovers. Best to find this weapon and use it on those who covet it.

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