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Meatwad, Skandale, and I left the city through the north east gate toward Durgram’s Folly to investigate the site of an ambush against the city guard. We suspect Boros was the cause but needed some more proof. Skandale demanded that we stay off of the road so as to not fall into another trap. He and Meat spent much of the journey with one eye closed and the other in a spyglass. Good for finding trees and small furry creatures in the distance, they seemed to loose sight of the sun’ arc. If not for my guidance these two would have headed off toward the coast and lost the road.

Soon enough we came within spyglass range of the small keep that protects the farmland in this area. This tower stands between the city walls and Durgram’s Folley. We ignored the opportunity to question the guards. Instead Meatwad sited a group of buzzards circling in the air above a low valley. Meat, intrigued by the prospect of looting some carrion, convinced us to check out that area.

The gentle slope into the valley was dotted by a few trees and large boulders. Skandale’s and I rode our horses wide apart as The Wad scouted ahead.

The buzzards were pulling the flesh from a dead Worg. The area seemed clear so The Wad approached the carcass and pried one claw from it’s foot. This triggered a tree nearby to come crashing down the hill. The Wad stood his ground and successfully used his upper body strength to soften the tree’s fall. I have to talk to that boy about jumping away from large heavy things that fall from a height.

Dark figures crested the low hill. Skandale grabbed Betsy and prepared to blast an Ogre’s fist of shot into Boros… but alas we were only greeted by three Gnolls; Yippie, Trippie, and Dippie.

Yippie howled in pain at my lance ripped into his shoulder and down through his left lung.

Dippie wrapped his chain weapon around my lance and tried to pull it out of my hand. His grip was as soft has his furry back and I managed to disarm him instead. The Wad maneuvered behind the dog and stuck a short sword into some sloppy sounding organ.

Trippie tumbled down the hillside late to the battle and was simultaneously hit with a blast of Skandale’s shot and the point of my lance.

The blast-smoke cleared and the valley fell silent again as we looked to see where the Gnolls were making camp. The recent earthquake had collapsed a wall of stone buried under the hill and revealed an entrance to some small ancient ruins.

I recognized the stonework from some ruins in the city. The kids that make their home in our orphanage love going to the ruins in town and telling ghost stories. Now I can tell them one of my own.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m so used to calling it “our” place. I still can’t believe that Traunk is gone. It has been our place for 13 years. Give me a moment…

…okay so about my ghost story. The kids are going to love this one.

The ancient stonework ruins formed a small area with five rooms. The doors to the rooms were made of thick stone. The settling of the earth over the years has made them very difficult to move. Well, at least they are for some people who try to open them in the middle of a fight. At first we through this to be an old jail.

WightI lit a torch, crawled over some rubble, and went down a hallway to open one of the doors. It released a gust of stale air. The flame on my torch flickered low and hindered my sight. It was enough of a distraction for me to miss reacting to the five long black claws that scratched my face. The touch left me with a horrible feeling of my life fading away. I screamed an swung wildly at the creature. My longsword struck the wall and left me exposed for another attack. I held back my blade and thought of my beloved Traunk and the kids at the orphanage. I came out of that trance just in time to catch sight of Krix diving on the hallway floor belly-first. He pulled out two pistols and splattered the ochre and white flesh of the beast against the stone walls.

The wight fell.

Inside the room we found two suits of full platemail and a masterwork dwarven waraxe. One platemail set will be donated to the guild bank while we offering to Drom or Ox.

We opened a new door and were swarmed by an avalanche of rats. I dropped a bottle of fire on them but Skandale’s mighty blunderbuss blast quickly dispersed the horde.

skeleton_pileAll three of us Opened another door to room of bunk beds inhabited by a group of skeletons. The Wad held the door closed as Skandale and I backed off. Like the mindless dorks they filled the hallway one at a time. My mace, meat’s two swords, and skandale’s blaststick ended the unlife of this former garrison. But crazy Krix spent half of the battle trying to open another door to improve the angle of his aim. Why he did not flop on the floor this time, I do not know.

We opened the last door to find a room that looked to be a library and study at one time. Skandale went through the gunk on the floor muttering that he just needs to salvage one thing for Elios or Doc. After a half-hour of searching he was able to get one ancient book bound between two sturdy planks of wood. Another 15 minutes of searching revealed a stone tablet in a hidden compartment. It looked like it was written in ancient dwarven or orcish. We will need a brilliant interpreter to decipher this object.

Tonight's Cast:
Krix Skandale, Human Archer - Russ
Meatwad "Phyllis", Half-Elf Executioner - Connar
Arpunia, Human Executioner / Woman-at-Arms - Eric
DM - Paul
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