A Goblin Werewolf in Westhaven

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Life is full of choices.  Sometimes you make the wrong one and pay the price for it.  The party was split as to where our next adventuring destination lie.  A few ideas floated about the Hob last week before we decided to venture into the forest to the east.  A month or two ago we battled a goblinoid contingent at the forest’s edge, our first real encounter with they who call themselves the Red Arrows.  After adventuring under the open sky until now, we agreed a change of terrain might suit us well.  We were not prepared.

We followed the route we usually take to Dragon’s Delve and continued east, past the dungeon’s mouth, towards the forest ridge.  Along the way an ankheg, a burrowing acid-spitting bug, jumped us.  Having fought one before, Skandale knew best how to kill it: loads and loads of gunfire.  The beast lay dead before I had a chance to draw me weapon.

Entering the forest, it didn’t take long before some unsavory types began following us.  As most of us calmly discussed how to handle what we figured were goblins, Wrenly fell back and ambushed them, near to a quarter of a mile behind us.  As we galloped our horses as best we could over the hilly forest ground, Wrenly singlehandedly killed three of the four goblin spies.  To our peril, we broke formation in order to reach him…

As most of us arrived at the scene of the battle, Traunk was ambushed by a monster none of us had ever before encountered: a hairy pile of muscle with fangs as thick as the shaft of me fishing pole.  The beast laid into Traunk with its claws and teeth and dealt the half-orc many grievous wounds before the rest of us could reach him.  Traunk’s horse already lay dead by the time I rode up.

As we maneuvered to find the best angles of attack, the beast picked up Traunk with its front claws.  Skandale, already in the act of shooting, fired his blunderbuss rifle but hit our troubled ally instead.  By now we’ve figured out that it’s a werewolf.  Most of our weapon strikes were rendered null by its supernatural resilience.  Desperate to save our friend, Meatwad and I split the beast’s hide but were unable to kill it before Traunk dropped to the ground, lifeless.  Turning immediately, the wolf grabbed Skandale.

Enraged by the death of me comrade, I swung me glaive as hard as I could…and I slashed Skandale clean across the chest, who fell unconscious.  Aided by Ham and Wrenly’s harrying maneuvers, I finally cut the monster down.  Skandale returned to consciousness with the aid of a healing potion, but Traunk had gone to meet his maker.

Disillusioned by such ill fortune after spending a mere few hours out in the wild lands, we returned home with yet another corpse.  We were momentarily waylaid by the appearance of two spitting fel drakes.  We went through the motions of putting the beasties to rest but were unfulfilled by the rush of this combat.

The orphanage’s matron will not be happy.

Tonight's Cast:
John "Doc" Smith, Human Thief / Dedicate - Mat
Captain Arxaggus "Ox" Dunnbuldanngen, Dwarven Myrmidon - Tristan
Krix Skandale, Human Archer - Russ
Ham, Human Harrier - Scotland
Traunk, Half-Orc Armiger - Eric
Wrenly "The Clever", Human Harrier - Mike
Meatwad "Phyllis", Half-Elf Executioner - Connar
DM - Paul
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