None More Trapped

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Somewhere in our brains we got the idea to lay a trap for Boros the Ninefingers.  A few weeks back we came across one of his goblinoid war parties, who deprived us of several horses.  We captured one of his goblins and formulated what we thought was a really sneaky method of laying an ambush for him.  Sadly, we weren’t as clever as we’d hoped.  Although Boros did arrive at Aiden’s Hill right when we wanted him to, he turned up with near fifty of his best warriors, two catapults, and a back-door strike force of another fifteen.

So we set ourselves up inside the hill…all six of us.  Fortunately, we brought with us a wagonload of gunpowder, although we didn’t have a whole lot of different uses for it.  We aimed to collapse the cave entrance and trap Boros inside with us.  We even reset the ogre’s old log trap.  Things did not go according to plan.

We didn’t even manage to fully explore the place before he arrived.  That left us at a hefty disadvantage against one whose forces already knew the lay of the land.  As Boros and his war machines rolled up at the front, his rear force lit a bonfire in the underground tunnels.  He aimed to lay siege to the place and smoke us out.

“It’s like, how much more trapped would we be?  And the answer is none.  None more trapped.”

But we weren’t going down without a fight.  Skandale and Wrenly climbed up through what the ogre used as a chimney, planted themselves in a highly effective crow’s nest about one hundred feet up the rock face, and fought back with musket and longbow fire.  Meanwhile, I got it in me head to deliver some of the gunpowder to them, so I moved one of the casks from near the entrance and planted it at the bottom of their hidden tunnel.  In retrospect, that probably wasn’t a good idea.  Concurrently, Traunk, who had moved our horses inside, was attacked by four hobgoblins who were trying to make off with them.  He stood at a bottleneck, brandished his tower shield, and stopped fully two hobgoblins charging at him on our horses.  He killed two of them, but the other two disappeared just as mysteriously as they had appeared in that alcove.  Our horses remained safe.

Ham and Doc went after the source of the smoke that was quickly filling the rear chamber.  Doc pulled from his pocket a secret weapon: an enchanted stone we had found on a previous adventure.  He was intent on finding a good use for it, and by his later description I can’t think of a better one than what he found.  This stone wielded a mystical power over fire, and by uttering a few arcane words Doc not only utterly extinguished the flames but blinded all of the goblins in that tunnel for close to a minute.  Seizing the initiative, the two of them threw themselves at the stunned beasties, putting grenades and alchemist’s fire to great effect.  They completely annihilated this rear strike force and ended the threat of smoke to Boros’ siege plans.

Meanwhile, Skandale was severely injured by catapult fire.  Wrenly possesses some unearthly ability to dodge explosions and was mostly uninjured.  The two of them disabled the first catapult, then wounded Boros repeatedly, who sent in first a contingent of heavy infantry, followed shortly by his worg cavalry, which he accompanied into the cave.  Wrenly leapt off the cliff using a rope as leverage and set off the outside gunpowder charges, collapsing the cave entrance and blasting Boros back outside.  Only four of the ten worgs and their hobgoblin riders made it inside, and Traunk and I met them and the infantry head-on.

We were quickly surrounded.  I got greedy and went straight for the bugbear captain but didn’t anticipate how many weapon strikes me horse would suffer before I got to him.  Me mount collapsed right under me, an expensive mistake.  I fended off attacks from all sides on foot with me glaive, then retreated and joined Traunk at the bottleneck.  We were joined by Skandale, Wrenly, who made it inside during the blast, and Ham and the Doc, who had finished murdering the goblins belowdecks and had rejoined us.

Despite being outnumbered four to one, we won the vicious hand-to-hand melee inside the cave proper.  Traunk’s reset log trap flattened a half dozen goblins.  After studying the goblin’s group formation but unable to make any meaningful attacks for half a minute, I finally opened up on a worg and its rider with a flurry of attacks.  Ham retrieved a cask of gunpowder and Skandale ignited it with pistol fire, eliminating another worg and its rider.  In under half a minute, the situation went from dire to cleanup, and with the front entrance collapsed and the rear group neutralized, Boros’ only weapon against us was the second catapult.  Safe for now, we rested for a moment to catch our breaths, then Skandale and Wrenly returned to the crow’s nest to harry Boros further.

Meanwhile, Doc and I went down the hidden corridor from which the four hobgoblin horse thieves emerged.  The tunnel northward branched off in a few directions, but I sensed fresh air and pressed ever north.  We came upon a room with a curious sarcophagus.  Flanked by statues wielding a great sword and a glaive, this tomb was inscribed with an ancient dialect of the Dwarven tongue!  I pushed open the lid, anxious to see what corpse lay within…

…and I was immediately attacked by an undead beastie!  The Doc quickly pushed the lid closed again, but not before the glint of metal caught me eye.  Eager to vanquish the monster and claim my just reward, I pushed the lid open again.  The damn thing leapt out at me and tore at me with his claws, paralyzing me!  To add insult to injury, it even diseased me with its bite.  Doc scrambled for his weapons.  He threw a flask of alchemist’s fire at the ghoul…and it landed straight on top of me head.  Unable to move to put out the flames, I lost the inch or so of hair I had grown back since that incident two months ago.  A second flask landed true, though, and a few well placed weapon strikes returned the creature to death.

As Doc read the inscription, I dug out a small fortune at the bottom of the crypt: a finely crafted longsword made from cold iron and two sets of masterwork armor, one chain mail and the other a full set of dwarven plate!  Seems this tomb belonged to the greatly hated Lord Tulwar, although how this dwarf came to rest under a mountain in the New World is a hell of a mystery.

Fortunately, the rear exit wasn’t far.  Getting the horses through the escape passage wasn’t easy, but once we were on the surface again, we were able to make our way home.  Boros remains alive…for now.

It took me nearly a week for that ghoul fever to pass.  It was damn unpleasant, I tell you.

Tonight's Cast:
John "Doc" Smith, Human Thief / Dedicate - Mat
Captain Arxaggus "Ox" Dunnbuldanngen, Dwarven Myrmidon - Tristan
Krix Skandale, Human Archer - Russ
Ham, Human Harrier - Scotland
Traunk, Half-Orc Armiger - Eric
Wrenly "The Clever", Human Harrier - Mike
DM - Paul
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  1. Traunk says: |

    Bah you are such a doubting dwarf, we had Boros right where we wanted him. Wren’s thumbs-up taunts and expertly aimed arrows forced Boros to abandon his sit-and-wait siege for an all-out frontal attack. The re-set log trap and gun power kegs worked! Despite a few deep wounds, no one but your horse died. Boros fled from the battle field feeling well taunted and without his catapults or half of his troops.

    Now if we could only convince the city guard of Boros’s evil intentions to take over the plains as a warlord, we might get some support to take the fight into his toothpick fort.

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