Life is Too Short to Fight Drunken Gnolls

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The Delve without Elios?  Inconceivable!  But such is life.  To think the old human was actually too busy organizing the Assessor’s Office to adventure with us.  Hrmph!

We returned regardless in search of more treasure.  The place is well-stocked with it.

Opting to head immediately to unfamiliar passages, we passed the four-statue room and the room of lightning.  The nearby lion’s den was quiet; upon investigation, we discovered several dead lion cubs, with the mother nowhere to be found.

Moving on, we went down a very long hallway filled with nothing interesting, then came upon a larger chamber lined with spikes at either end.  Ever cautious, we debated how best to continue, until Wrenly up and decided he’d had enough talk and leapt into the room.  The doors immediately slammed shut, and we heard a great grinding sound as the room tumbled end over end.  Eventually the mechanism came to a rest, and we pried the door back open to find Wrenly, alive but appearing well blended.  We strung a rope bridge across, so as to avoid setting the thing off again, and continued on.

The very next room presented us with a puzzle.  The place was clearly cursed; when I walked in, I heard a heartbeat emanating from a circular dais in the middle.  On either end of the dais were stone statues that apparently did nothing, judging by the impression Signore’s sword left upon one.  As we all entered, the room came alive.  Ceremonial daggers on the dais picked themselves up and flung themselves at us.  Even Wrenly’s clothing began to strangle him.  Unable to figure out how to defeat this unseen force, we fled into the next room…

…which was filled with zombies, and mirrors.  As we moved to engage the undead, Wrenly, Ham, and Meatwad were all enchanted by these mirrors.  As I chopped down the zombies with me glaive, Traunk smashed the mirrors one by one.  Even after the battle had passed, the three stood transfixed for a few seconds, then finally came around after giving the rest of us a good worry.  They later told us they had spent years trapped inside those mirrors, faced with the eternal fear that they would turn into zombies.  The three of them remained shaken even hours after we had left that place.

The very next room again demanded our attentions; this one was filled with rubble, and the ceiling threatened to give way at any moment.  Looking down, Wrenly realized there were shinies mixed with the debris.  He began digging.  Herding everyone else through, I remained with him as he dug through the gravel in search of more coins.  A few hefty boulders landing on our heads reminded both of us not to dwell there too long, and we continued on after claiming a few salable prizes.

After four rooms in a row that threatened our lives in one way or another, we were met finally with an empty hallway.  I led the way into the darkness.  Behind me, Traunk gave a small cry of amazement; he had a new companion.  Somewhere in the rubble room, a ghostly dog began following him.  The spectral sidekick posed us no harm, though.  He seemed to enjoy human companionship again, as though it had been waiting an eternity for us to come along.

At the end of this hallway, we stepped into a larger room, filled with great roots that burst through the ceiling from the surface above.  Along one side, a staircase led deeper underground.  A great booming voice filled this room, querying us: “Where does the shadow lie?”  Well trained in such questions by now, the answer was simple: “between the dark and the light.”  The roots parted, showing us a second staircase, also leading downwards.  Opting to take this one, we continued into the darkness.

Located between the two major sub-floors was a landing area, stocked with now-spoiled food and water, along with ruined bedrolls and moldy tin plates.  The place clearly was used as a rest area, but hadn’t been occupied in some time.

Upon reaching level two, we immediately heard some manner of bestial song echoing through the hallways.  Readying our weapons, we turned a corner and found…the corpse of a freshly slain gnoll.  Whatever killed it was now enjoying its victory.  Wrenly opened a door and stumbled upon a group of four more gnolls, all howling and laughing, standing over a tied-up goblin.

The gnolls didn’t prove much of an offensive threat, nor did their packmother, who ambushed us from behind a hidden door.  Traunk managed to save the life of the goblin by diving in and throwing his tower shield over the runt.  Upon questioning the little bugger, the only information we received that proved interesting was that some creature named Ramscorn was bent on conquering the first level.  Who or what this Ramscorn is remained a mystery.

Located near the gnoll’s living quarters was a small spiral staircase, leading back up, although not all the way to the first level.  This sublevel was home to an owlbear sentry and two dire wolves, all of which met their end on our blades.

Realizing this sublevel was larger than we felt like exploring, we decided to return to the city and sell our loot.  Upon reaching the surface we discovered one dead horse and one dead guardsman, whom we hired to watch after our horses while we delved into the…uh, Delve.  The second guardsman was pinned under some horrid tentacled thing.  It seemed to have been a goblin at one point, but now was something entirely different.  It tried to latch onto us with its tentacles but couldn’t manage to get both at once on a single target before it was cut to pieces.

We returned to Westhaven, light one horse.

Tonight's Cast:
Captain Arxaggus "Ox" Dunnbuldanngen, Dwarven Myrmidon - Tristan
Signore, Human Berserker - Keith
Ham, Human Harrier - Scotland
Traunk, Half-Orc Armiger - Eric
Wrenly "The Clever", Human Harrier - Mike
Meatwad "Phyllis", Half-Elf Executioner - Connar
DM - Russ
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