A Fallen Comrade

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Our second excursion to Dragon’s Delve proved to be both informative and costly. Having spent long hours contemplating what questions would best be asked of a Goddess of nature I was exceptionally disappointed to find the pool used to summon Glarius empty, with no trace of the enchanted water that had filled it previously. My disappointment dissipated quickly with John’s discovery of a most curious door we had overlooked in our first visit.

John and I spent as much time as our companions would spare us investigating the portal but, despite our best efforts, neither of us determined much beyond the obvious. Crafted from some sort of steel I’ve not encountered before, the door possessed no visible means of manipulation. When both Arxaggus and Signore struck the door with their weapons to no avail (a choice I would have recommended against, had I been consulted) my suspicion that the door was enchanted was all but confirmed. With John’s help I recalled the few “common” magical pass phrases I had encountered in my studies, which also proved unsuccessful.

At this point, I could see that both Arxaggus and Signore had reached the end of their patience for our scholarly speculation, and decided we would best be served to move on together, rather than risk splitting the party as we had our last expedition. Moving on, we quickly discovered that our presence last week had not gone unnoticed by the denizens of Dragon’s Delve, and we immediately found ourself in fierce combat with more savage humans and witless goblinoids.

We entered the altar room we had previously explored to find a goblin cleric in the very midst of a sacrifice to their bestial god. If only I had been able to enter the room in secret and witness the ritual in full! The knowledge and insight I might have gained into the goblinoid species would have been priceless. Instead, I found myself ducking beneath Arxaggus’ mighty swings as he reached his glaive to the farthest corners of the small room.

It was in that moment, as I pondered whether the violent approach to exploration we had chosen was costing me the chance at greater discovery, that I was brutally reminded of how dangerous the situation I found myself in truly was. It began as I heard Wrenly in the room behind me gasp and then scream Oathbreaker’s name aloud. I looked back to see the fleet-footed Wrenly near frozen in place, with a look of shock on his face. So focused was I on Wrenly’s expression that I did not notice that the hobgoblin I had previously been engaged with had positioned himself into a much better tactical position. I did, however, take notice of the hobgoblin’s axe as it struck my shoulder – piercing my armor and digging deep into my flesh. The blow immediately dropped me to the cold stone floor and, as my vision blurred and my limbs went numb, the last thing I felt were the hands of the hobgoblin on my chest, as he turned my body in order to have a better angle to slit my throat.

I awoke to John administering me an almond flavored liquid, immediately followed by the unmistakable flush and tingle sensation that accompanies magical healing. Within moments I felt as good as a man of my advancing age can expect to feel; that is, until John led me to the carpeted hallway that we had entered the altar room from. Apparently, enemy reinforcements had come around behind us in an attempt to catch us unaware. Oathbreaker’s guard dogs alerted him to the danger, but when he charged back to defend our position, a lucky blow from a falchion-wielding orc separated his head from his body.

Having only known him a short time, I feel woefully unqualified to speak intelligently on what type of man (or equally, what type of orc) our fallen companion, Oathbreaker, considered himself. The personal journal he kept spoke of the old world only once, and only in the context of how it brought him here to be an adventurer, leaving me with very little information – a circumstance one of my education rarely finds himself in. What I am prepared to say, and with much confidence, is that I found this so called “Oathbreaker” to be anything but.

There was more exploration into the mysteries of Dragon’s Delve that day, but I will save that story for another journal entry, as I find it unseemly to discuss my excitement over certain discoveries in the same breathe that I describe the loss of a companion in arms.

We more or less had the battle in hand, until Oathbreaker was hit by a crit. We use the critical hit deck by Paizo, which usually results in slightly weaker crits than your standard double or triple damage but Russ drew the ‘Decapitate’ card, which is one of the very few save-or-die effects the deck has to offer. Even in IH where save or die effects just put you to negative hit points, that card is brutal.

Tonight's Cast:
John "Doc" Smith, Human Thief / Dedicate - Mat
Captain Arxaggus "Ox" Dunnbuldanngen, Dwarven Myrmidon - Tristan
Signore, Human Berserker - Keith
Oathbreaker, Half-Orc Man-at-Arms - Eric
Ham, Human Harrier - Scotland
Wrenly "The Clever", Human Harrier - Mike
DM - Russ
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