Soddy Construction

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We left the confines of the city from the south east gates in search of Goblins, or more precisely their ears.  The surly owners of the Hob & Goblin are paying a pricey 2 silver per ear.  No one in town knows where to find goblins so we expected some easy money.  The road leading away from the gate was overgrown with plains grasses and wild shrubs.  We could have made better time but one member of our group, Ox is a short-legged grumpy dwarf who did not own a horse.  So we moved at his stubby two-legged pace.  Ham, a super fast Harrier, seemed to get quickly bored with the slow pace of our travels.  The rest of our group consisted of Orin, who dressed like a runt from the slums but fancied himself a cartographer and wielded a long scythe.  We also had Krix Skandale a slow talking sharpshooter.  John Smith was a great help for our wounded and, despite his slight frame, is pretty crafty in a fight.  Signore rounded out the party.  This one is a bit kooky, always talking about the power and soul of the natural wilderness but jumping into battle with a crazy ferocity I have rarely seen.  I quickly decided that it would be best for me to keep on the good side of these folks.

A couple hours out from the safety of the city walls, we encountered our first fight.  A couple of goblins hid by the roadside.  As I charged with my warhorse to remove the heads from their ears they pelted me with poisonous missiles.  That weakened me a bit, but did not prevent us from collecting four good ears.

What was left of the old road eventually disappeared.  Signore mentioned something about that being a sign of nature’s true power and the shortcomings of human society.  None of us really cared much for the sermon but few others were willing to talk so we let him go on.  It was an easy way to pass the hours.

We headed toward a hilly area to the north.  From the top of a ridge we could see the distant remains of some farm houses and a few more roads.  Walking toward those ruins we encountered a rocky area patrolled by four or five of the biggest ants I have ever seen.  When standing up, these things were as tall as or taller than most humans I meet.

They climbed steep cliffs like… well, like ants.  I made a good effort getting myself up the cliff only to find two of the bugs waiting for me at the top.  Skandale clawed at the cliff face like a dog behind a locked door; his effort was not so good but he eventually made it up.  The rest of our adventuring group rounded the front of the hill to engage more of the oversized picnic crashers.  Signore hurled a javelin into the torso on one bug.  Ham joined the fray by drawing her dagger… blade first.  The sharp steel slid into her wrist exposing some bone and steady stream of blood.  She collapsed unconscious and required some immediate first aid to staunch the wound.  The bugs I fought cut through me defenses and left me with some deep wounds – wounds that would drop a human, but not someone of Orc stock.  I kept swinging my flail into the bugs until the last one fell.

Heavily wounded and not willing to venture into the wilderness, we made camp on the cliff for what turned into a couple of days.  I got to calling John Smith as “Doctor Smith” seeing as he spent so much time tending to our injuries.  His services we sorely needed when an Ankheg tunneled his way into our camp.  A few aimed shots from Skandale and some powerful hits from Signore’s two-handed flail dropped the nasty bug.  But that was not before it ripped apart Ox with acidic claws.

We continued to rest up for a few hours into the next morning then headed off to a small cottage in the distance.  It sat on what looked like an old cart road surrounded by an abandoned farmstead.  The cottage was built into the side of a small grass hill.  Dr. Smith examined the architecture and declared it “soddy construction”.

The self-described leader and stealth artist of this group, Orin, went up to the cottage to investigate what was inside.  He jumped through an open window and shouted that the rooms were all clear.  Ham took a lead from Orin and stealthily found some cover among the bushes.  She quietly moved around a grass-covered hill that stood about 100 feet to the west of the cottage.  What she found was large group of goblins, obviously readying to attack the party.  She was so close she could smell their foul weapons and hear their mouthy breathing, but they gave no indication that they knew she was there, it was a perfect Hambush!

Ox crossed the fence line and spotted one of the goblins.  He shouted an alarm and charged toward them.  Shortly after Ox’s call, a loud bang came from the cottage.  Dr. Smith grabbed an exposed rafter above the door, flung his feet through the rotted wood and tumbled across the room.  Standing amongst the splinters form the door and was none other than Darus the Dark.  The wanted fugitive had just given Orin a face-full of shot from a blunderbuss.  Orin was bleeding on the floor at the back of the room.  Skandale leapt through the window and hit the foe with a bolt from his crossbow.  With no time to reload the weapon for another shot, he threw it aside and moved to engage Darus with an axe.  Signore charged through now-open the open doorway and delivered a strong hit against Darus with the haft of his heavy flail.  Unfazed by the mele, Darus dropped his blunderbuss, drew two loaded pistols and in a blast of blue smoke fired hot lead at our heroes.

Meanwhile outside of the cottage, the six goblins screamed a war cry at Ox.  Emboldened by the shouts of their comrades, they crested the knoll and launched a coordinated barrage from their Atlatls.  The missiles bounced harmlessly off of the dwarf’s hard scale armor.  He laughed.  Ham stepped out from the shadows and threw a Molotov cocktail at the goblin rabble.  It struck the ground and splashed fire across three of them.  I took advantages of the distractions and spurred my mount over a rotten fence and up the grassy slope; skewering three goblins on my lance.  One crazy little fool jumped to engage me on my horse.  Standing face-to-face with me the little punk lost his nerve and promptly dropped his dirty dagger to the ground.  I drew my dagger and ripped a jagged red line across his thigh.  Ham drew her Kukri and sliced into a couple of goblins.  They swung back at her but had no hope of catching up to her fast moves.  Her crooked bladed Kukri finished them off in style.

Orin was pressed against the back wall of the cottage; unconscious and laying in an ever-widening pool of his own blood.  Darus dropped his pistols and grabbed the axe straight from Skandale’s hands.  Skandale stood within reach of three black powder weapons.  He knew the surest way to get them holstered on his belt would be to take down the fugitive in front of him.  So Skandale drew another axe and swung into Darus.  Signore again pummeled Darus with the butt of his flail.  Darus swung his axe to block the attack and let the momentum carry him forward.  He planted his right foot and swung upward toward the bottom Signore’s chin.  Signore saw the attack coming and moved his flail to block the hit.  But Darus was not aiming to hit the man, the axe head dug into the flail and pulled it down onto the floor.

If you have ever been in a bar fight, you know never to face off against three people at once.  Darus, for whatever trouble he caused on the mainland, never learned that basic lesson.  Darus was so focused on Signore and Skandale that he forgot about Dr. Smith.  Doc tumbled across the room and flicked his whip around the feet of the fugitive bringing him down to the ground.  Skandale, now weaponless, curled his hand into a fist and smashed it right into Darus’s face, knocking him out.  It is at this time that the three members of our group in the cottage looked back to se Orin’s lifeless body.

Four of us used the hemp rope form Orin’s pack to bind the unconscious Darus in a wicked tight Double-Half-Over Stitch knot.  If you don’t know this one, ask me sometime and I’ll show you how to tie it off.  The trick is in how to twirl the rope before you pinch the ends.

This was a deadly night; four characters went into negative HPs and one died.  Loot was good; about 360 gp per person.  XP was not enough to get a level so we are all still lvl 1.

Tonight's Cast:
Ham, Human Harrier - Scotland
Orin, Human Executioner - Mike
John "Doc" Smith, Human Thief / Dedicate - Mat
Captain Arxaggus "Ox" Dunnbuldanngen, Dwarven Myrmidon - Tristan
Krix Skandale, Human Archer - Russ
Signore, Human Berserker - Keith
Oathbreaker, Half-Orc Man-at-Arms - Eric
DM - Paul
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4 Responses to “Soddy Construction”

  1. Skandale says: |

    I would like to find a taxidermist to mount the Ankheg Mandibles. I also want a small plaque/engraving/calligraphy honoring the woman who was run over by Darus in his escape.

    • Dungeon Master says: |

      It’ll be 10 gold to have the mandibles preserved and mounted. As for the item honoring the woman, which is it, a plaque, engraving or calligraphy? Would this being going in your shop or at the site of the occurrence?

  2. Skandale says: |

    Ooooh! I was thinking at the shop, but at the site would be pretty cool…

    Let’s do a small plaque, at the shop. 10g marked off as paid for the mandibles.

  3. Dungeon Master says: |

    Small plaque would be 5gp.

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